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Myeongdong Cathedral- A Glimpse At Korea’s Iconic Religious Landmark

Myeongdong Cathedral paved the way as Korea’s first-ever Roman Catholic Church. At the same time, this destination gave rise to the country’s first-ever Gothic building. 

Today, the elevated building is a famous central hotspot of downtown Seoul. From the architecture to the background history- tourists simply can’t get enough.

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Designated as the famous historic site number 285, you’ll need to travel through several floors. Moreover, the journey begins at the basement level. As you proceed further, you’ll witness a number of shrines encasing the remains of martyrs from the past.

Every year in May, this center becomes home to a colorful cultural festival. And that’s when locals and tourists throng the area for participation.

An interesting fact to note is how this age-old building is remarkably different from many others. And that has to do with the fact that it’s Gothic but made from bricks. On the other hand, most other structures are made from stone.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

To put it simply, the Myeongdong Cathedral’s sublime architecture is a mystery on its own. And tourists embark on a journey to discover it all.

Arriving at your destination- Myeongdong Cathedral

In order to begin your cultural and historical exploration, you need to travel to downtown Seoul. As you can tell by the name, this Cathedral is situated in the Myeongdong district.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

Meanwhile, there are several ways to arrive at your destination. This includes the following:

  • Subway Line 4, which is the Myeongdong Station. Here, you’ll need to take the Exit number 9.
  • You can alternatively opt for Subway Line 2, which is the Euljiro 1 (il)-ga Station. Now get off at Exit number 5.
  • Another way of reaching the Cathedral is opting for Subway Line 2, Euljiro 3 (sam)-ga Station. You’ll need to get off at Exit number 12 here.

Getting here

In general, the church is open all year round and everyday of the week, except for Mondays.

Source: Majid Mushtaq Instagram: ranamajid007

History- Myeongdong Cathedral at a glance

This church’s construction goes back to the year 1892. And within a short timeframe, you could appreciate it’s presence by 1898..

When looking at the classic building, you get some uniquely characteristic vibes. It’s almost indescribable. And that’s a mystery that remains until today.

Myeongdeong Cathedral is also the seat for Korea’s Archbishop. His name is Andrew Yeom Soo-Jung. He is the country’s highest prelate for the religion.

Unraveling the beautiful architecture

First things first- you will notice one striking statue as you make it past the gateway. Yes, the gardens feature the famous ‘Statue of Our Lady.’ It’s surrounded by luscious greenery. Let’s not forget the colorful flowers. This makes it a center point of attraction.

As you make your way inside, you’ll be amazed at the sky-high ceiling. Most importantly, the grand entrance is spacious. The grand arches are situated between stunning inner pillars.

These portray alluring Gothic art styles. As you head towards the basement, you’ll notice plenty of buried remains, preserved with due respect.

Moreover, these belong to all those who devoted their lives in the name of the Catholic religion. Right behind the location, visitors can witness Seongmo Dongsan. This is the famous St. Mary’s garden.

At peak hours like lunchtime, it isn’t uncommon to hear blissful music relating to pipe organs. Certainly, the garden is a serene resting space. And that’s one of the reasons why tourists stopover after visits from the enthralling cathedral.

Myeongdong Cathedral- paying religious respect

Did you know this church is actually dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary? Hence, for this reason, it continually serves as a major community landmark in Seoul.

Meanwhile, it’s also a wondrous attraction for tourists. But most importantly, it’s the most recognized symbol for Korea’s Roman Catholic community.

Today, hundreds flock on over to one of Korea’s precious assets. The Korean government also terms it to be an important cultural property. And for this reason and more, one visit for tourists is a must.

A walk through the great offerings

You’ll be happy to find out how this destination continually reaches out towards the global community. This is in regard to the location’s efforts for prayers. Similarly, they work a lot on religious community work.

While the Myeongdong district of Seoul is bustling, it’s nice to take some time out and visit this church.

As one of Korea’s oldest churches, you won’t ever find it empty. On a regular basis, you’ll witness masses taking place. Also, it’s good to avoid photography inside.

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The interiors definitely deserve a special mention. Moreover, if you’re familiar with dramas, you may have seen glimpses on ‘You’re Beautiful.’

For visitors that enjoy exploring Korea’s rich past, this place warrants one visit. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed at the peaceful aura that this place offers.
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