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My Name: Netflix’s Newest Hit K-Drama

The new K-Drama, My Name, on Netflix is gaining popularity on par with that of Squid Game, the platform’s recent success. But what is all the hype about? Well, it comes down to two simple, yet important factors: an action-packed plot and a great cast. Let’s take a look…

My Name

Rumoured to be the “next Korean success” after Squid Game, My Name tells the story of a woman out to avenge her father’s death, leading her down a dark path against both sordid gangs and the police. Released by Netflix on October 15th 2021 and already has a huge following, proving that the Korean wave encompasses more than just romantic K-Dramas and K-Pop.

Not dissimilar to the addictive effect of Squid Game, My Name is one of those shows that’ll get you hooked right away. I started watching it on a Friday night and by Sunday morning, I had finished all 8 episodes of Season 1.

The Main Plot (Spoiler Free!)

I got a head start on the hype around My Name, determined to join the fun as I had been late to the party for Squid Game. It was certainly a riveting show to watch and I don’t usually enjoy shows with a cop and criminal narrative. However, My Name takes an age old movie trope and turns it on its head, making for a juicy story of revenge.

The main plot revolves around Yoon Ji-woo, a young woman trying to find her father’s killer. One of the reason’s you’ll be hooked is that the show’s director, Kim Jin-min, does a fantastic job in keeping the mystery under wraps until the very end. Moreover, the story is told in a way that manipulates the audience to think like the character, so it comes as no surprise that you root for Ji-woo throughout. However, you may find your favour alternates between the police and gang…

It was an interesting show to check out. I decided to start it because of the hype that it was getting and, this time, I didn’t want to miss out on the trend as I did for Squid Game. I don’t usually enjoy cop and gangs tv shows and movies but for this drama, it was a different story. Since they focused a lot on the main story of revenge, it was really fun following the moves of the main character, Yoon Ji-woo, portrayed by the actress Han So-hee.


As of Nov 15th 2021, My Name scores a 94% audience approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes, matching that of Squid Game. On IMDb, it has a score of 7.9 out of 10.0. While it is early days for the critics, the show has had great reception from viewers.


Arguably the magic of My Name is best created by the show’s cast. Han So-hee, who plays main character Ji-woo, has risen to the forefront of the K-Drama and K-Movie scene in recent years, also taking the lead in recent drama, Nevertheless (2021.)

My Name also features Ahn Bo-hyun, as policeman Jeon Pildo, well-known amongst K-Drama buffs for his role in Itaewon Class (2020.)


All 8 episodes of My Name season 1 has been released on Netflix. Each episode is an average length of 50 minutes, making for cinematic viewing. I definitely recommend watching it as it shows some of Korea’s “dark side” that is often unheard of by foreigners. Enjoy the action, drama and — above all — the mystery.

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