My Korean Horror Stories

It is finally coming close to that time of the year – spooky season! I love summer for all the horror stories, however, it just cannot beat the vibes that autumn brings. As a horror fanatic, a practitioner of the craft, and a lover of mysteries, I present to you my personal experiences in South Korea… Horror Edition.

Horror Story #1: The Noraebang Restroom

Ah, the toilet. Every mystery or ghost story seems to have a restroom connected or involved.

In my case, it was no different. My experience starts off with a night of fun and partying. It was our friend’s birthday. And what do most Koreans love to do during birthday parties? Drink and be merry! Also, karaoke sessions at the “noraebangs”.

In the Restroom

We started out the night late. We gathered for dinner at around 8 pm and had a couple of drinks. I am the type who can drink like a sailor and still feel fine. However, that day my stomach was not feeling very well, so I decided to take it slow. After an hour or two we decided to go sing our hearts out at a noraebang that was close by. We entered the noraebang and discovered that there were only two rooms there. It had a bar as well. Seeing as we were the only group there, we picked the biggest room to have to ourselves.

However, before heading into the room, my husband and I decided to head over to the restrooms to relieve ourselves. The door to the restroom was held wide open, so I went into one of the stalls and locked the door. While inside, doing my business, I heard footsteps outside and the empty stall beside me shut. I wanted to call out to see if it was one of my friends, however, my intuition told me not to. I was right.

The hairs on my body began to raise, and I felt a shift of energy in the room. It was weird. The next thing I knew, a large creaking sound echoed through the restroom and another door shut close.

However, this time it was louder. I quickly got myself up and fixed my dress. I exited the stall to see that the main door had been closed shut. Not only that but the stall next to me was locked. I plucked up enough courage to check under the stall and to my horror, there was no one in the stall!

My Escape and Horror

I quickly yanked the main door open and ran out with a terrified look on my face. It was then that I noticed my husband nearby the entrance of the guy’s restroom. I ran up to him and asked if anyone else had entered the girl’s bathroom, and he said no. He had been waiting for me the entire time.

Then I asked him, “Well, did you close the restroom door?” and he replied, “No, it slowly shut by itself. I thought you had closed it”.

I felt my eyes widen in horror and ran as fast as I could back to where all our friends were. My husband chased after me and kept asking me what had happened. I refused to tell him as where I come from, we have this belief that if you experienced something supernatural, do not talk about it in the place you have experienced it. To this day, my husband does not know, and I still cannot explain what happened in that restroom. All I know is, that I definitely will never go back there.

Horror Story #2: The Girl In My House

This experience of mine is rather short, but according to the people I have told, it’s the scariest thing they had ever heard. The story starts off with me being alone in my house. It was during the first year that we moved in.

The Girl

I was washing the dishes when I caught some movement from the side of my eye. I glanced a little to my right and my eyes widened in shock. Clear as day, there was a woman in white with long hair walking into my room. I decided to ignore her and go back to my washing. I scrubbed hard and told myself to ignore what I just saw and to think of it as just a passing spirit.

Since I was young, I have seen spirits from time to time. However, this was the third time I had seen one as clear as that. When my husband came home from work, I finally felt at ease. Unfortunately, my horrors did not end there.

For a week I had dreamt of a woman in white with long hair chasing after me. Every time she got closer, I would jolt awake and be drenched in sweat. I even tried using protection sachets to help with it but nothing seemed to help. It was then we met with a friend during a get-together.

Do as the Koreans do

This friend of ours had shamanic roots in his family. After hearing my story, he told me, “Instead of trying all the foreign ways, how about you try it the Korean way?” I was a bit confused at first, but he explained.

He told me that I should get some red beans and place them in a sachet. Then place it under my pillow while I slept. I did it that night after quickly finding some red beans. That was the first time in a week that I had slept peacefully.

Afterward, I upped the protection in my house and did a cleansing and banishing. To this day, I haven’t seen any spirits loitering in my house nor do I get disturbed by them in my dreams. I still sleep with the red bean sachet to this day, and it has been a really great help. I guess it’s true when they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” However, in this case, it’s “Do as the Koreans do.”

Red bean sachets for life!

End of my Horror Story Experiences

I have more personal experience with the supernatural that I would like to share in South Korea, but these two seemed to be the only ones that my memory deemed worthy of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my personal experience and I would love to hear about yours as well! Be sure to leave your scary or creepy experiences here in Korea down in the comment section!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy the spookiest season of the year! If you liked this post please be sure to check out our other article about the eight Korean mythological creatures by Clicking Here!

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