Must-Have Korean Gadgets for Studying

We are ready to introduce you to 5 korean gadgets for studying that are a must-have!

As we have heard, studying is something that it is undoubtedly taken with complete seriousness in South Korea. Therefore, having a good study environment is a must for a lot of students.

You may already have supposed this thanks to the videos popping out in streaming services under the title of ‘24/7 Studying with me’, in which we are not only able to keep track of their study schedule, but also get to know all the gadgets and materials they use to make this task a comfortable one.


Shortly, we are going to introduce you to these 5 Must-Have korean gadgets for studying, that might help you carry out your studies in such a convenient way.

1. 독서대 (Reading Table)

Undoubtedly, a must-have gadget for every person that plans to study for long periods of time.

how does it work

This type of reading table usually has adjustable height levels and clips, therefore, you can keep everything in place while taking notes. The fancy ones, are conformed by two pieces of wood ㅡas you can see in the pictureㅡ, however, you can also just buy the cheaper version which only has one instead.

benefits of this gadget

You can surely keep a good posture that might help you out in preventing wrist and back pain. Furthermore, you will be able to have everything organized at eye height when sitting down.

In case that you have a really small desk, we suggest you to try this out! Since it will help you save space, to organize it better and not having to pile up your books while studying. In addition, you can place your cellphone there to watch some programs at the same time.

2. 스탑워치 (Stop Watch)

This gadget helps you out to keep track of your studying hours.


It’s pretty simple to use. Just by clicking the big button placed at the center, it will start counting the time. You can either use it that way, or you can set it up in different modes.

Depending on the brand, you can use it as a clock, to do a count-up or count-down. When the time is over, you’ll hear the alarm noise that notifies you, then you can just restart the time in case you want to use it again.

Additionally, to prevent you from accidentally clicking ‘stop’ when you’re not over yet, it also has a lock button.


They are usually small and light-weight, so it’s really easy to carry around without taking up much space of your school bag.

3. 타임타이머 (Time Timer)

If you’re the type of person that leaves everything to the last minute, this gadget is for definitely for you!

how does it work

First, you need to spin the central axis to the minute you want to study and then, you’ll see the red color enlarging. Hence, during the count-down, you can intuitively know how much time you have left when the range of the red color is slowly decreasing.


Surprisingly, this eye-catching red color will make you feel rushed to finish as if there was an actual deadline; therefore, it helps you out to focus and hurry up in finishing your projects.

In case you want to test out whether or not this product fits your studying style, we recommend you to download an app. You can easily find them under the name of ‘Visual timer’.

This is the one I personally use the most and suggest you to try out:

4. 와이드 LED 스탠드 (Desk Lamp)

This type of desk lamp is definitely a lifesaver to all those students that must continue studying during night-time!

how does it work OF THIS GADGET

Good quality ones, let you choose between warm and cold lighting and its intensity. Also includes a cover that prevents light from reflecting off your books.

Some of them, even have the option to rotate in order for you to adjust the desired inclination angle. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? No wonder it’s certainly part of this must-have korean gadgets for studying list!

If you live in Korea, you might be able to test out this type of lamp in either libraries or school facilities.

5. 전자노트 (Electronic Notepad)

Ideally for language learners!

how does it work

In fact, it’s pretty easy to use. It doesn’t have a particular way to use, then you can just let your imagination run wild!


This is indeed the best gadget to use if you’re the type of person that learns through repetition. For example, if you want to learn a word, you can just keep writing in this pad till you memorize, without having to waste tons of notebook paper with your repetition exercises.

Besides, it’s also a good gadget for those who are learning illustration, since you can practice by drawing sketches.

Where Can I Buy Them?

You can easily find these gadgets in some of the famous stationery stores in South Korea, such as Kyobo Hottracks and ARTBOX.

To know where you can specifically find them in Korea, we suggest you to read the following article we have prepared for you:


In conclusion, I have noticed that these 5 must-have korean gadgets are the products that are usually found the most in the Korean studying time-lapse videos.

So if you already have these gadgets, you’re ready to go! You have some of the most popular products between students. Now, you can be the one doing ‘24/7 Studying with me’ livestreams for sure!

If you live in South Korea and study their language, we highly recommend you to also adopt some of their studying habits so you can learn in a efficient way.

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