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Must-Have App for Living in Korea- Cashwalk: Earn Money from Walking!

Talking about top essential apps for living in South Korea, the popular applications that may pop up in your mind are Kakaotalk, Naver Map or KakaoMap for directions, Gmarket or 11st for shoppping, and also some food delivery applications like Yogiyo and Baemin. Today, I am going to introduce you guys to a local Korea application- Cashwalk.

About Cashwalk

Cashwalk is a free Korean paid to walk application in which you can earn money just from walking. CashWalk is designed to help users to achieve fitness goals in the easiest and the most fun way possible. The application supports both Android and iOS operating systems. Cashwalk features tools such as free step counter, active time tracker and weekly activity tracker app that help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The application is only available in Korean for the time being. But trust me, you don’t have to master any Korean to use the application.

How to use Cashwalk?

You can download Cashwalk and install the application on your phone by searching it on play store clicking on the links below.

After installing, just simply open the application and start walking! It is as easy as ABC right?

You can walk either indoor or outdoor with CashWalk. The more you walk, the more coins you will earn.

Cashwalk rewards users 1 coin per 100 steps. The maximum amount of coins you can earn per day is 100 coins which is equal to 10000 steps.

Collect the coins from your lock screen by clicking on the treasure box.

You can also invite friends to earn coins!

For first time users, you can also use my referral code KRF41MP and get a total of 500 points immediately!


By using Cashwalk, you can view your daily, weekly and monthly activity in steps and minutes at a glance.

What Can You Do with Coins?

You can redeem your earned coins for gift cards from various popular brands. The categories available for the gift cards include bakery/cafes, restaurants, convenient stores, beauty, culture coupons and travel coupons.

Gift cards of common franchises can be redeemed using the coins earned.

Here are some gift cards that I have redeemed since I started to use Cashwalk.

You are not going to earn a fortune with this but you will be able to make some money for a cup of coffee. Also, a healthier lifestyle and happier mood!


Here are some kind reminders you have to take notes while using Cashwalk

  • Always keep the application updated.
  • Always remember to collect coins from the treasure box at lock screen before 12.00 a.m. everyday. Coins will be gone once the time passes 12.00 a.m.
  • Use your redeemed gift cards before they get expired.
  • You must use your coins within a year in which the points were earned. Coins that remain unused after 1 year will be cancelled automatically.

Final Thoughts

I have to agree that Cashwalk application is no doubt one of the best Korean local applications I have ever had. Since walking is a necessary part of our life, there is no loss at all by installing this application.

If you are living in Korea and you need some motivation to get moving, Cashwalk will be the perfect application for you! Not only you get to practice a positive habit to stay healthy, but also receive real value rewards for your efforts!


Hi! I am Kok Ke Ying. I'm an engineering student currently studying in Korea University. I enjoy travelling and writing. You can find me on Instagram at xuanzhen_99