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Mouse Rabbit Coffee near Konkuk University

Mouse Rabbit Coffee, also known as MoBit Coffee in short, is a cozy relaxing cafe located nearby Konkuk University in Seoul. One of the reasons the cafe is welcoming bunches of visitors each day is that it is run by Super Junior Yesung’s brother. Aren’t you curious about the inspiration for name of the cafe- “Mouse Rabbit”? Allegedly, the name comes from the zodiacs of Super Junior Yesung and his brother where Yesung’s zodiac is mouse and his brother’s rabbit.

Interior of Mouse Rabbit Coffee

Mouse Rabbit Coffee consists of three floors. The first floor is where the counter is placed and where you make orders.

The second floor is a cozy sunlight-permitted space with some antique decorations. There is also a half-open space outside where you could enjoy fresh air and windowless view.

Moreover, there is an underground floor which features another unique atmosphere from the upper floors. In contrast to the other floors, the basement is kind of dark. It resembles a rabbit cave. You are required to take off your shoes before entering the space at the basement. The basement has two a few compartments: some you sit on chairs, some you sit on the floors with low table.

According to credible source, Super Junior Yesung and his brother participate in the designing of logo and the interior together. You can see many paintings on the wall painted by themselves.

Coffee and Desserts

Jongjin, Yesung’s brother is a barista. He makes the coffees sometimes. He also has developed some unique coffees for his cafe. Apart from coffees, the specialty of Mouse Rabbit cafe is lime and lemon Mojitos. They serve variety of desserts such as honey bread, honey butter ball, burrito, muffin and cakes. They also serve ice flakes as seasonal menu.

The prices of the coffee and desserts there are very reasonable. I was surprised at the lower-than-expected prices as cafes run by Korean artists are generally high especially when their location is near Konkuk University.

My review

Without saying, all the environment, the taste, the prices are satisfactory. One good point about the environment is you could choose your preferred environment whether at the bright cozy second floor or the dark relaxing basement seats. You could also choose between indoor or half-outdoor.

Their opening hours is from 10am to 12 in the midnight everyday. I don’t think they have an official homepage now. So, enjoy your tea time there!

Instagram: @mouserabbit_official

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

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