Mokpo: K-Drama Fan Seaside Getaway

Surely you have heard of popular destinations in Korea such as the coastal city of Busan, or the beautiful island of Jeju. However, today I am going to introduce you to a little-known destination, that’s exquisite. It is the City of Mokpo, located in the province of South Jeolla, about 330 km from Seoul.

About Mokpo

Mokpo City has been designated as a special tourist destination for marine cultural tourism. And today I share with you a complete itinerary of what to do there and some footage from my recent trip to this magical city.

Mokpo is an easy enough city to get to from Seoul. All you need to do is hop on a KTX, train, or intercity bus. Within a few hours, you’ll arrive in this beautiful coastal city. It’s the perfect location for a weekend coastal getaway if you are living in Seoul!

Mokpo Museum of Modern History

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The first stop on our tour was the Mokpo Museum of Modern History. It was divided into two buildings. What makes this museum special is that it tells us about the history of Korea during Japanese rule. Plus, Hall No. 1 is the oldest modern building in Mokpo.

Such Hall was completed in December of 1900. It was then used as the consulate of Japan. But, after Korea’s independence from Japan, it was used as City Hall, the municipal library and even Mokpo Cultural Institute, until it became the Museum in the year 2014.

An interesting fact is that Hall No. 1 is also a K-drama filming location. It is the building used by the famous Korean drama, Hotel del Luna. As such, it has attracted numerous tourists from all over the world. You can dress in period costumes to recreate some scenes from the drama or, get a feel for what it might be like to be the peculiar main character. Of course, the location also features a small room equipt to look like Hotel del Luna. It is the perfect photo zone for K-drama fans.

Sihwa Alley

The next recommendation on the list is Sihwa Alley in Seosan-dong. It’s a place that has become the location of different Korean dramas and movies, such as the Netflix romantic drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” (2020), the movie “Long Live the King” (2019), and the successful film “1987: When the Day Comes” (2017). The latter was filmed at the grocery store ‘Yeonhee Supermarket’ [연희네슈퍼], which is located at the south entrance of this mural village.

Beyond those iconic spots, there are other murals and some places that have appeared in other cinematographic works. Plus, there are plenty of photographic areas, perfect for updating your social media.

Cable Car

The next stop is one of my favorite places in this city. Mokpo Cable care is a great tourist destination. It is nothing less than the cable car. However, this cable car is the longest and highest in Korea. It is 3.23 kilometers in length and 155 meters in height. This ropeway gives visitors an incredible view of Mokpo’s old city center and the surrounding natural landscape, including Yudalsan Mountain and the South Sea.

I would recommend visiting the cable car at sunset. Being closer to the sun, and with such incredible views, the photos you get there are unique and beautiful. It is entertaining and the ideal experience to enjoy with friends, family, or even alone.


[Standard Cab]
Adults – Round trip KRW 22,000 / One way KRW 18,000
Children – Round trip KRW 16,000 / One way KRW 12,000
[Glass cabin (with glass floor)]
Adults – Round trip KRW 27,000 / One way KRW 21,000
Children – Round trip KRW 21,000 / One way KRW 15,000

Gohado Island

Another place you can’t miss in Mokpo is undoubtedly Gohado Island. It is said that this was a place used as a strategic location by Admiral Yi Sun-shin during the Japanese invasion of Korea. It is the place where Admiral and his troops successfully defended Japan in the 1500s. From the Gohado Observatory, which can be reached from the Mokpo cable car, you can see a beautiful night view of colored lamps harmonized with the view of the ocean.

Although there are different observatories in Korea, at different heights, and with amazing views, Gohado Observatory is popular among visitors to the city due to its unusual appearance. This shape is modeled after Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s ship, which he used in the battle of Myeongnyang against the Japanese navy.

This observatory is, of course, home to a cafe, Café Fantasy. It has decoration very much in keeping with the place. Its huge windows give us incredible views of the sea and the cable car. With the heat of the summer, I enjoyed peach tea, my favorite lately.

Mokpo Peace Square & Dancing Sea Fountain

A mandatory destination to end the tour is, of course, Mokpo Peace Square and Mokpo Dancing Sea Fountain. The first has a path that extends along the sea, ideal for bicycle rides. The waterfront space around Pyeonghwa Plaza is an ecological area, with a 1.2 km waterway. Mokpo Peace Square is considered a cultural area, hosting cultural performances and outdoor concerts.

Mokpo Dancing Sea Fountain is the world’s first and largest floating musical fountain. It creates a beautiful landscape through the harmony of water, light, and music. The show lasts approximately 15 minutes and is the perfect atmosphere for families and couples in love.


And this has been all for this weekend trip, I hope you can visit the places that I have recommended because I really enjoyed them. Mokpo is a beautiful city, which although small and little known, has a lot to offer.
See you on an upcoming trip to Korea!

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