How to Become a Model in Korea

The South Korean film, drama, music, and fashion industry has been making waves throughout the globe. Every year, it produces new talents that went out to dominate the global entertainment industry. South Korean idols and models are hired by the top brands of the world. Some recent internationally recognized brands that collaborated with Korean models, and idols include Nike, Timex, Samsung, Hyundai, Coca Cola, etc. Modelling in Korea has its own set of perks and cons, but one cannot argue on how the Korean modelling industry is all set to dominate the fashion market. 

Even if you are a foreigner residing in Korea, modelling is a good opportunity for you. A lot of Korean based brands are always looking for new foreign talents. Since Korea has opened up to the global film and music industry, Korean brands are focusing on showing diversity in their advertisements, promotions, etc. This means that there are a lot of chances for a foreigner to begin modelling in Korea. If you are looking for modelling as a career, you should know that the majority of the international brands consider having modelling experience in Asian countries like China, HongKong, Japan, Korea, etc. a must for your modelling resume. Once a model has successfully worked in Asian countries, they now have better chances to work with European or American brands. 

If you are unsure of where to start your Korean modelling career from, read the tips below. Get all the necessary information you need to become a model in Korea. 

Part-Time or Full-Time?

You can work part-time as a model to earn some extra money to help with your expenses. Modelling has flexible timings and you can easily do modelling while studying or having a job. You can also work as a full-time model and build a career in modelling. The important point is to determine which path you are going to take. Your effort and time spent on modelling will depend on whether or not you want to take modelling as a long-term career.

Opportunity for People with Short Heights

You would already be aware of how the international modelling agencies prefer models with tall heights. The same is not the case with Korean agencies. Models with average heights are also accepted. Female models with height 5.5-5.6 can be easily accepted. Male models with 5.10 heights are accepted. The only thing that the agencies see is that you have a good personality and acceptable looks. You should only have good skin and a good body. 

Have A Good Agency

If you are looking for modelling jobs, especially as a long term career you should try and let an agency represent you. Working with an agency is more planned, and they would take care of each and everything that you would need to stay in the industry for a long time. 

Previous Experience Not Necessary 

Almost all of the modelling agencies or brands in Korea are okay with models having no prior experience. So, if you have no prior experience, don’t worry. You are still eligible to start working as a model in Korea. We suggest that you learn some basics of styling, camera, posing, etc. by yourself. And if you have some professional experience in your hometown, you will have an upper hand while trying to become a model in Korea. 

Agencies Paying Expenses

If you are working with any agency as a model, it would be paying all your expenses during the job. This is one of the biggest con of modelling. It applies both to part-time or full-time models. Your agency will pay for your airline tickets, accommodation expenses, spending money, etc. Agencies will also offer you money to get your modelling career started. If you manage to make a successful career, the agency will profit from that. But you don’t have to repay the agency if you don’t make it big in the industry. The agencies can also pay the guarantee to the models working with them. The agencies would have to pay a certain amount to the models in a year, whether or not the models generate that amount or not. 

Lots of Opportunities

The Korean market for modelling is busy throughout the year. Almost every day, any agency or brand is looking for a model. So if you don’t make it to one agency, you can always try again, a different day or with a different agency. Just keep applying!

Keep in touch with People

Even if you don’t manage to have an agency try forming a network of people from the modelling industry. Keep in touch with them. You will be able to learn about a lot of new opportunities from them. 

This is all you should keep in mind while applying for modelling in  Korea. Good luck!

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