Mentalo Restaurant: Japanese Food on the Go

Mentalo Restaurant is perfectly situated near Daejeon city bus terminal. It is the perfect place to catch a meal before setting off on your next big adventure. Mentalo Restaurant is a delicious, reasonably priced place selling Japanese-inspired dishes.

The Restaurant

Although not very spacious, Mentalo Restaurant can receive many guests throughout the day due to its strategic location close to Daejeon Bus Terminal.

Mentalo was an easy find and nice alternative if you’re looking for something not spicy and fast. I found it while out with a friend. We were in a hurry to eat lunch and head to our appointment. I remembered the food was ready in less than 10 minutes and the dishes were big and satisfying.

The menu

I ordered noodles with tonkatsu and it was well worth the price. I paid ₩10,000 for my meal. My friend ordered a kimchi stew with tonkatsu which was about the same price.

They also have other combo plates that include sushi, dumplings, and rice. But, individual dishes are cheaper, for example, noodles go for around ₩8000.

The dishes are big, and honestly, way more than I needed at the time. But it was great to have comfort food after a stressful day.

Here are the pictures of my and my friend’s plate.

As you can see, the dishes were beautifully presented and the photos were worth sharing.

In general, their plates go from ₩7000 to ₩13000 (the combos). They also have some side dishes starting from ₩3000 going as far as ₩40000.


Orders are made using a kiosk on a counter. It is easy and in English if you desire. You can check all the dishes available and the plates there. When I arrived there was no line, so I could choose my lunch without pressure. Their rush hour is around noon, so after that, you will probably have no problem with seats and ordering.

The location

Mentalo has multiple locations throughout Korea. You can usually find them at major bus or train stations. Or, you may also find them as restaurants inside of Home Plus. All you have to do to find the one nearest you is search ‘멘타로’ on Naver maps.


Mentalo Restaurant is a good quick option if you are on the go and craving good Japanese-style food on a budget.

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