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Melting Pom Cafe

Korea is well known for it’s “study at cafe” culture. But since a lot of people in Korea started going to cafes, the countries stepped up their game when it comes to cafes! If you come to Korea you will be able to find all kinds of cafes, from simple ones to thematic cafes. In this post, I’m gonna introduce you to one of the cutest cafes I have visited since coming to Korea. And it’s one quite special because it’s not in a crowded area, so is usually empty and quiet, which allows you to enjoy it fully without distractions.

Get to know the cute and pretty cafe Melting Pom!

It is located in Dongdaemun-gu, nearby Hankuk University of Foreign Studies back gate. This underground cafe will give a day full of cuteness. To get there you can drop off at exit one of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies station, and cut through the campus to get to the cafe. The cafe is all pink themed, and the entrance is free. The cafe will offer you cute drinks, small cute dogs to play with, and even board games!


The cafe has 3 cute dogs that you can play with while in the cafe. The cafe will you provide you slippers, once you can’t go in with your shoes. But don’t worry, there is a locker where you can put your shoes and also keep the chain to it. The dogs are very calm and furry, but they don’t smell or anything – on the contrary, they smell really good and will probably go onto your lap if you allow them to. There are 3: two females and one male. The male dog is kinda shy if compared to the other two, and since he’s really small and has thin skin, he is always wearing cute dog clothes.

The three dogs get along really well among each other, and actually the two female kinda seem protective over the male. In the picture above you can the cute doggo wearing Zootopia clothes and just cutely resting on a bed. As long as you are careful, the owner won’t mind if you grab the dogs and put them in your lap or hug them.

Playing with doggos with extra care

But again, you have to be careful and respectful. Consider it’s another life in your hands and don’t play wrongly with it. But overall, as I said before, you won’t need to grab them, cause they will just naturally run over you and try getting your attention.


The cafe has a huge variety of drinks, most of them with milk or yogurt. The presentation of the drinks is so cute, and the straws are heart-shaped, it’s almost impossible to resist it. As for the taste, it was way better than what I expected. These themed cafes with pets usually don’t care much about the quality of the beverages they’re serving to you since they have the pets as the main attraction, beverages are just you “ticket” to stay at the cafe and enjoy the pets.

Diverse options

But in Melting Pom I was actually surprised when I tried the drinks because it tasted so good! First time I went there I ordered a strawberry and yogurt smoothie, which was so fresh! I could feel the strawberry pieces as I was drinking, and I could also tell that the yogurt used to prepare that drink was really good quality. One of the best smoothies I have tried here in Korea – and trust me when I say I have been to more cafes than I can count. Strawberries have a really special taste in Korea, it’s sweeter if compared to other countries.

As you can see in the picture, the drinks are perfect for your Instagram feed or stories. So if you are the kind of person that likes to post pictures, Melting Pom is definitely a place you must visit Not only the colors of the drinks are pleasant, but also the presentation and how they match with the cafe aesthetic. You will find oreo smoothie, strawberry, mango, yogurt, mocha, and much more. Like many other cafes, the variety is huge.

Menu in Korean

The only bad thing is that the menu is fully in Korean. But if you know how to read hangul, all the words and “Konglish” so it’s easy to understand.

Melting Pom Cafe Aesthetics

The cafe only has like 3 or 4 small tables with low chairs, so it’s almost as sitting in your house’s floor in comfortable pillows. But the attractive part of the cafe is the beds. Simulating a real room with a small desk, it’s great to seat and study comfortably – honestly more comfortable than my dormitory mattress for example. There also plugs for notebook and cellphone charger. It will make you feel just like home with delicious drinks and cute dogs around.

How to get there

Address: 10-3, Cheonjangsan-ro 7-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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23 years old Linguistics and Literature student from Brazil, currently studying in Seoul. I've been studying the Korean language since 2015 and now I'm specializing in the teaching of Korean Language for romance language speakers. Enthusiastic for trips and discovering new places in Seoul!