Meerkat Park in Hyehwa

Today I will tell you all about my experience at a Meerkat cafe. My roommate and I decided to do a girls’ day once a month, but we skipped one without realizing it because we were so busy. To make up for it, we decided to visit a meerkat cafe because we had been wanting to do it for a long time, but had never actually gone to one.

Going to Meerkat Park

The meerkat cafe we found is actually very close to where we live – near Hyehwa station. So we just took the neighborhood bus to get there. I was very excited because I had been seeing people go to different meerkat cafes, so I had high hopes.

Other Fuzzy Friends

Turns out, not only they had meerkats there, but birds, dogs, and cats as well. You can actually get in the birds’ cage for a little extra fee, and get to feed them. My friend and I are not very keen on birds, so we just went with the regular ticket. The regular ticket allowed us to spend time with the meerkats that they had in there, as well as with the dogs and cats.

Meeting the Meerkats

In the cafe, we could have also paid for some drinks, but we didn’t feel like it. We just needed some fluffy company. So we walked towards the cats and cuddled them for a while until the meerkats were ready for us.

They give us a blanket because the little animals climbed on our laps when we were seated. Staff also provided some treats that give them. They were obsessed with the treats. If you go, you’ll need to guard those treats! They stole mine right from my hand when I wasn’t paying attention!

At first, they just care for the food, but after they acclimated to our presence, they actually climbed on our laps and even let us pet them. I had run out of my treats because they had taken them from me. But they still came to me and asked for pets.

Meerkat Park for the Memories

After our time was up, more people came in so we sat in a corner of the general place and pet some puppies and cats as they approached us.

We stayed for a couple of hours and left very happy to have been able to experience the meerkat cafe. If you want to meet some cute animals, including meerkats, I highly recommend Meerkat Park! Click here to be redirected to their webpage, so you can know more about it before going there.

Meerkat Park (미어캣파크)

Address: 12, Daehak-ro 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Korean address: 서울 종로구 대학로10길 12 , 6층
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 01:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Sat & Sun: 01:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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