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Maxim Plant: a 5-story cafe with different moods

If you are familiar with Korean coffee brands, you must have heard of the most popular coffee brand ‘Maxim’. Maxim has recently opened a seven-story ‘Maxim Plant’ Cafe in Itaewon, to be more precise in Hannam. Maxim has been the most loved coffee brand in Korea, but it was able to buy their coffees only at a market. But Maxim recently opened a cafe full of their own making coffees, so Koreans would love to go there and the coffees that they are familiar with.

source Korea JoongAng Daily

How to get there

The cafe is located in Hannam right next to the popular Hyundai Card vinyl storage, and each floor has its own theme so it is suitable for all coffee enthusiasts who want to go on a coffee adventure for the first time.

Floor Guides

Maxim Plant’s floor plans

B2F – The Coffee Lab:

This space is where the beans of Maxim Plant are born. You can see a roasting room at a glimpse of the Roasters and an academy where people can professionally learn about roasting and brewing coffee. The overall setting reminds me of Maxim’s logo. The space is focused on coffee making itself but it also has some tables as well as couches for customers.

B1F – The Library:

It is definitely my favorite floor! The space is filled with long tables and a library next to them. And this floor also has a terrace garden, so it offers customers a refreshing view. It is a perfect place for you to sit down and be focused and productive.

1F – The Café: the Central Space

The U-shaped bar offers coffee made from fresh coffee beans and a bakery menu served at a nearby dessert shop. And guests are welcomed to seats laid out in a spacious space. The sliding doors are open when the weather gets warmer, and customers can sit back and enjoy the breeze.

My favorite order has to be their brunch menu with the plain toast and cream cheese combined with an iced Americano (I highly recommend the Deep Dive blend). This toast is not regular bread, it is Kyoto’s Marble bread, which tastes like croissants! Maxim cafe has an alternative with Ham and cheese or you can choose a croissant. They also offer a variety of scones, cookies and cakes. They recently added some brunch menus like salads and sandwiches~

  • Brunch time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Price: you get a 2,000 KRW discount
The interior from the top

2F – The Café : With Open Terrace

Drinking coffee while enjoying the breeze on a nice day, you can see the baristas making coffee from the top and the smell of coffee fills up the space, what more can I ask for? Oh the view, you can see a panoramic view of Hannam from this terrace!

Terrace on the 2 floor

3F – The Brewing Lounge and Terrace

This is a space where you can meet Maxim’s coffee beans just for you. Actually this floor reminds me of Starbucks Reserve but it is in the Maxim way. The Brewing Lounge  provides a fun experience where you can select your own coffee that suits your taste, and a new experience of watching and listening to music that matches your coffee.

Final Review

Whether you come here to work or just chill, this cafe transports you through its different floors in different moods. I highly recommend that you enjoy the vibes to the fullest on a nice day! It is located in Itaewon where has so many good restaurants and interesting stores too. So don’t forget to check out our other Itaewon guides in the website!

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