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Mangwon Market- the heaven of authentic mouthwatering local street foods!

Ever since I heard about markets in Korea, the spotlight has always been on the famous Gwangjang Market which is located at the center of Seoul City. And it also has always been the famous tourism spot of international visitors due to its strategic geographical location and popularity. However, there is one hidden local market well-known among the locals which feature varieties of mouth-watering street foods seek by the food-lovers. The market is called Mangwon Market.

Location of Mangwon Market

It is located at Mangwon-dong in Mapo-gu, just a stone’s throw from the youngsters’ hot places like Sinchon and Hongdae! Here is a map showing the exact location of Mangwon Market. The entrance is just within a 5-min walk distance from Mangwon station (line 6)!

After 5-min walk from Mangwon station, you will see the entrance of Mangwon Market!

What’s in Mangwon Market

Being a local market, there are definitely many street foods sold at very reasonable prices. You could get most of the Korean food you could ever think of there. Here I attach three of my favorite foods during my visit at Mangwon Market!

Hand-made Donkatsu

They have many types of crispy katsu made of shrimp, chicken, and pork. I tried shrimp katsu and cheese pork katsu. I personally really like their cheese pork katsu which includes 4 different types of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, etc.) and the pork meat inside is very thick and juicy. It costs about 3900 won for one piece of the cheese pork katsu.

Dakgangjong (Chicken Bites)

This pinky stall named Kyusue always has a long line queuing up for their chicken bites. Looking at the banner around the stall, they seem to have been broadcasted by a few TV channels. The cost varies according to the boxes you choose. The smallest portion costs 6000 won and you can mix two flavours among cheese, sweet and sour, etc. The sauce on the chicken is thick and the chicken is definitely well marinated.


Hotteok is the must-have in winter in Korea. People enjoy hotteok due to its sweet honey filling, crispy outer layer and the warmness which neutralizes the cold temperature in winter. This has also has people lining up just for the 1000-won hotteok. After having a bite of it we know that it’s definitely worth the wait!

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Other than that, you can also find good hand-made kalguksu, croquette, varieties of pancake, and Omuk(fish cakes), and tteokbokki there! As a local market, Mangwon Market also has stalls selling various banchan(side dishes) like kimchi, anchovy, and pickled foods. Moreover, you could buy meats, fresh seafoods, vegetables and fruits from the market.

If you are lucky, you might see youtubers or artists filming in the market!


If you want to visit a local market with great street foods, Mangwon Market is just good for you! Don’t forget to take a look at the neighborhood as well! Mangwon-dong is famous of their main street called “Mangridan-gil” with cute merchandise stores and cool cafes! Also, a Hangang park is located just 10-min walk from the market.

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea