Lotte World Adventure – Tricks for Full Experience

Lotte World Adventure Park

Lotte World Adventure Park, a thrilling and exciting theme park located in the city Seoul, South Korea. Generally, Lotte World consists of two sections, indoor and outdoor sections. The indoor section is called Adventure and the outdoor section is called the Magic Island.

South Gate of Lotte World Adventure – there are other entrances too

The Entrance Fee

You might be wondering how much the entrance fees are. The entrance fee generally ranges from 40,000~50,000 won for adults and 30,000~50,000 won for kids and schooling teens. Now, let me tell you a few tips and tricks on how my friends and I purchased cheaper tickets.  We bought our tickets at a cheaper price, at 22,400 won per ticket. We purchased them through Kakao talk, that was having a promotion for chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) at the time.

The minor setback for this promotion is you do need to be a foreigner living in Korea to apply. But, not too worry! There is another alternative for tourists! One of my friend used the app ‘Klook’ to buy her ticket and it was almost as cheap as the kakao talk event ticket! Also, the promotion on Klook might just be available for a longer period of time. So if you need to save money like us students, be sure to look out for discounts online before buying at the counter!

Tips and Tricks

I will be mentioning a lot of tips & tricks including time management, food, photo spots, to get the full experience of Lotte World throughout this whole article. So make sure you read till the end! My friends and I spent the whole day at Lotte World. From 10am-9pm. We spent the day at the outdoor Magic Island and night at the indoor Adventure. Like many other amusement parks too, I recommend everyone to go in the morning so you can cover the whole of Lotte World in one day. Plus, there are usually less people in the morning, so you can get on your rides faster!

View of the Lotte Tower as we line up for a ride

Depending on the time of the year you visit Lotte World, the place might look different. What I mean by that, is how the place is decorated. When my friends and I went, it was mid September and the whole of Lotte World was Halloween themed.

Halloween themed map of Lotte World Adventure Park that we used the whole day

I really recommend you to take one map with you when you enter Lotte World so you can keep track of all the rides you rode, just to make sure you’re not missing out on any rides! Because some of the rides are quite hidden especially the indoor rides, so having the map makes it convenient for you to know what kind of rides are there, and where are they located. I did this with my friends and it really saved us a lot of time going from one ride to another! We covered almost all of the rides there, except two rides because they already closed.

Another important tip, I recommend you to enjoy the outdoor rides first during the day then proceed indoors when it starts to get darker. The rides outdoors close earlier than the indoor rides. Al though, when I went there they had an outdoor horror activity in conjunction with halloween after sunset until closing time. So, you might want to look out if they’re having any special activity at night when you visit, if you don’t want to miss out on that.

Night show indoors – photo credit: SkySpirit

At night, the indoors would have a special night show. They would showcase beautiful lights and a show where people dressed in fun costumes ride around in a bright and colourful looking convertibles. The showtime usually starts around 7pm.

The magical indoor section at night

What You Can Eat

You’re having fun and you start to get hungry, so you start looking for food. Is the food okay there? Is it expensive? Are there any muslim-friendly food? I’ll share with you what my friends and I had for lunch and dinner there. Ps. All the food that I will be sharing with you are all muslim friendly food.

Tteokbokki + cheese for lunch

I’ve been to Lotte World twice and I always go here for lunch. That’s a Korean dish called Ttteokboki and it was so good. We added cheese too. The amount would be around 4000-5000 won. It’s a little food store located at the outdoor section, next to the ‘Atlantis’ ride. For dinner, we had fast food. It’s a fast food chain really well known in Korea and it’s called ‘Lotteria’. There’s a Lotteria located at the indoor section.

Tips for Muslims

Note for muslim travelers, the meat and chicken are not halal, however, you can order the shrimp burger menu set! My friends and I are muslims ourselves too and that’s what we ordered. There’s a halal kebab store too indoors! Besides all that, there are so many food courts that sell variety food too and so many desert stalls so you will never go hungry! However if you’re a muslim or a vegetarian, you might want to do a little more research on other food other than I mentioned above if you want to eat them.

A famous photo spot at Lotte World – The Halloween themed castle with a spooky lighting. On other seasons, it might be decorated differently. You can also take these during the day. Lotte World also offers to take professional quality photos at the bottom of the castle but you will have to pay for that. This photos we take ourselves are free.

Also a little side note for muslim travellers. There is a muslim praying room provided at Lotte World. You won’t have to worry about missing your prayers! It’s indoors at Adventure 3F. You will need to press the bell at the praying room and ask the staff to open the door for you. It’s a really nice and comfortable space provided by Lotte World, so hats off to them for that initiative.

A photo at the castle with a dream like view

The perfect photo zone – besides all the fun rides, Lotte World is also a nice place to take photos! In my opinion, I feel like every corner of Lotte World is a nice photo zone. Here are some of the best shots my friends and I took.

Trademark photo spot at Lotte World

My final tip would be — wear comfortable clothes. Especially comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot all day long. I hope you are able to gain a few information from this article. Thanks for reading and have fun at Lotte World Adventure Park if you visit it one day!

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