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Lotte World Aquarium Fun!

The Lotte World Aquarium, one of South Korea’s best aquariums. It is the largest aquarium in Seoul and the second largest in Korea. The largest aquarium in Korea is the aqua planet Jeju aquarium.


The Lotte World Aquarium has all kind of marine lives from five oceans. They feature 650 species of 55,000 different marine life forms up close. Visitors will be able to feel the ocean conveniently placed in the urban city of Seoul. If you ever find yourself to want relaxing activity in Seoul or you enjoy being around nature, the Lotte World Aquarium is your go to place. In this post, I will be showing you the attractions that you can enjoy and how to make the best out of your trip there! 

Aquarium Zones

1. River Ecology Zone

This is an important attraction element of aquariums that complete the aquarium trip. This is Korea’s longest underwater tunnel. Here, you will be able to see all kinds of marine life. Some are from Korea’s very own rivers, some are all the way from the amazon and others from different parts of the world. Photo ops here would be so pretty. Therefore, take advantage of the perfect opportunity here with your loved ones! 

2. California Sealion Zone

Here, you can meet the aquarium’s very own sea lion! Watch the California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals frolic around their tank from various angles. And there is even an escalator tunnel that allows you to pass through their tank!

Fun fact, the california sealion are flexible and quicker than any other sealions. So, be sure you don’t miss out on catching the sealion in action at the aquarium!

3. The ocean 

Take a moment to appreciate and experience the world of ocean at the largest water tank in Korea at 25 meters wide. You will see most of the marine life that you can expect in the wide ocean. From various species of sharks, to large stingrays.

I couldn’t believe how big the stingrays are. There are so many of them too! I’ve been to the aquarium in my hometown a couple of times and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such huge stingrays all at once like this!

This is would be a great photo op too!

4. Beluga Zone

This is the cutest zone.(second to the penguins. Or first, up to your preference! haha) When I first saw them, I mistook them as dolphins. And of course I learned later, they are not.

Come watch and learn about the biology and history of the Beluga Whale. Beluga means white in Russian. And these wonderful mammals are white as snow perfectly matching their name.

With thousands of charms, belugas like to communicate with people. The fantastic image of belugas will make you have special feelings toward marine organisms.

5. Jellyfish gallery 

The jellyfish gallery is a stunning display. Watching the jellyfish swim slowly and graceful is actually a quick stress reliever.

6. Polar Region 

Okay, this is the cutest section of the aquarium. Penguins!! A home to the amazing warm climate Humboldt Penguins from South America.

I’ve never seen a penguin in real life! And if you haven’t too, then there’s a stronger reason for you to pay a visit to the penguins at the aquarium! I couldn’t stand their cuteness watching them walk around! The way they walk is way toooo cute!!!

If you get thirsty or tired and you need place to chill in the aquarium, do not need to worry! They have an Angel-In-Us cafe that offer special menu after ‘The Ocean’ zone.

How to get there

Address: 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul. B1F Shopping Mall, LOTTE WORLD MALL.

  • Take the train to Jamsil Station and exit at Exits 1 or 2 (subway line 2) .
  • For Jamsil Station on subway line 8, take exit 10 or 11.

Operating Hours

  • Weekdays: 10am – 8pm (final admission at 7pm) 
  • Weekends: 10am – 10pm (final admission at 9pm) 


Check out:

  • Adults and teenagers (13 to 18) – 31,000 (Individual), 22,000 (group) 
  • Children: 27,000 (individual) , 18,000 (Group)

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