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Lotte world

Lotte World is South Korea’s most famous theme park conveniently located in the heart of Seoul. It was operated by Lotte Group for entertainment and sightseeing. There are always visitors, both local Koreans and foreigners.

Lotte World is famous for thrilling rides, an ice rink and different kinds of parades, as well as a folk museum, a lake, accommodations, department stores and more. There are sections as Lotte World Adventure, a world themed indoor area, and Magic Island theme outdoors, next to Seokchonhosu Lake. Also you can enjoy watching parades, numerous films, laser shows, and tasting a variety of international cuisines year-round.

Lotte World Adventure is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. The Folk Museum is also one of the most popular museums among international visitors. Folk cultural items on display date back 5,000 years in Korean history. The museum also features miniature villages and a playground. The museum layout was arranged to attract visitors’ attention and the displays are easily understandable. In addition, audio-visual devices are provided to make one’s visit even more enjoyable.

Lotte World Garden Stage presents various themed musicals to match each season and Lotte World Star Avenue is the perfect place to experience Korean stars and the entertainment world.

Things to know before visiting Lotte World

Operating Hours

Lotte World is open all year round. It operates between 09:30-22:00 (Nighttime admission: 16:00~). Although closing time may vary each day. Therefore better to refer to the official website.


Admission Fees

[Universal Pass (Lotte World + Folk Museum)]

  • One-day: Adults 59,000 won / Teenagers 52,000 won / Children 47,000 won / Babies 15,000 won
  • After4: Adults 48,000 won / Teenagers 42,000 won / Children 36,000 won / Babies 15,000 won

[Park Ticket (Lotte World only)]

  • One-day: Adults 56,000 won / Teenagers 50,000 won / Children 46,000 won
  • After4: Adults 45,000 won / Teenagers 40,000 won / Children 35,000 won
  • After4 applies to admission after 16:00
  • Adults (ages 19-64) / Teeangers (ages 13-18) / Children (ages 3-12) / Babies (ages 35 months and under)

Important park rules

To ensure a safe and pleasant park environment, the following items are restricted upon admission.Along with the listed items, any items that could disturb other guests or that are considered dangerous can be restricted once inside the park.

You are not allowed to bring any of these items into LOTTE WORLD Adventure:

  • Pets (excluding guide dogs and assistance dogs)
  • Burners, lawn chairs
  • Bicycles, inline skates, scooters, kick boards, electric rides for kids Alcoholic beverages
  • Camera tripods
  • Drones, remote control toys, etc
  • All kinds of weapons or any sorts of items that can be used as weapons (toy guns, spears, swords, etc.)

Smoking is only allowed in the smoking room.Eating from lunchboxes is only allowed at designated picnic areas.

The rules when riding attractions

  • Ride attractions only after you have finished your food.
  • Refrain from using a camera, a selfie stick or a phone when riding attractions.
  • Please strictly follow the ride policy of each attraction.
  • You can check on the more detailed ride policies of each attraction here.
  • Attractions may stop unexpectedly due to the safety sensor for our guests.
  • Please do not panic if the operation of the attraction stops and wait to be given guidance by the staff.
  • Operation of the attractions can be suspended without notice due to the field or weather conditions.
  • Riding any attractions after drinking alcohol is prohibited.

In the park, shootings for various films, dramas, entertainment shows and educational programs take place frequently.

Top Rides and attractions at Lotte World Adventure


If you are looking for an excited, extreme roller-coaster ride,Atlantis is the best one. The Atlantis takes you 20m above the ground at 72km/h and drops at an angle of 72 degrees.

Since it is one of the  famous rides, there is always a long queue. If you don’t want to miss this ride, start your day early and head straight to Atlantis as soon as you arrive at the park.

Premium, which gives you priority access to the popular attractions. You can choose to use this Magic Pass Premium for 3 or 5 of rides or for one ride for 3 or 5 times. To get more details or to buy your Magic Pass Premium, click here.

Camelot Carousel

For many, taking a spin on the beautiful Camelot Carousel will bring back memories. It is Lotte World’s most Instagram-worthy spot where you can snap incredible shots as well.

Gyro Swing

Gyro Swing is another thrill seeker’s favorites, which takes you through the sky while spinning around. As one of the tallest attractions at Lotte World, you will be able to catch a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful Seokchon Lake and the surrounding area during the ride.

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