Lotte Tower Glass Floor- World’s Third Highest Observation Deck

You can’t miss the serene facades that Seoul’s Lotte Tower Glass Floor offers to tourists across the board. Moreover, if I had to put it into words, I probably couldn’t. As it is, the mega skyscraper stands at 123 stories high. And when you house the world’s third highest observation deck, you know you’re in for a treat. This relates to the simple fact that it’s a blissful journey that makes you speechless.

At the end of the day, it’s all about soaking all the magnificence and grandeur in. Hence, it’s something that incomparable to all others. The glass floor deck expands 7 floors, that includes 117 to 123.

Termed as the world’s third highest observation deck, you couldn’t miss this place even if you wanted to. Here, it’s all about striking panoramic views of a city that’s carved it’s niche in more ways than one.

Seoul is a modern metropolis that has plenty of breathtaking offerings. And once you make your way to this observatory deck, you just might want to catch your breath.

How do I get there- Lotte Tower Glass Floor?

For a mesmerizing experience of a life time, one visit to this alluring location is all it takes to fall in love with adventure. Therefore, here’s the easiest way to arrive at your destination.

To reach, simply go to Jamsil Station by taking Line 2/8. Now head out on Exit 2. Next, indulge in a 5-minute walk and you’ll find the Seoul Sky Bridge Lotte Tower.

It’s a short elevator ride on the B1/B2 lobby area, before you arrive at the Seoul Sky. Here’s the exact address for your utmost convenience: Lotte World Tower, 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Entrance to the city’s tallest sky scraper arena- Ticket fee

As you head on towards the city’s highest destination, it’s refreshing and exciting to see the magic in people’s eyes. Accommodating around 900 visitors at once, it’s huge to say the least.

To get inside, you need to go down to the basement. Here, you enter the Sky Shuttle elevator, granting you to the 118th floor in no time. Till then, enjoy the fascinating media art on display. Only then can you proceed further and arrive at the grand observatory deck.

As per 2020 regulations, the standard rates for admission include 27,000 Korean Won, which is around 23 US dollars. Moreover, you can purchase tickets at the building’s ticket hall. You can even book online too!

Say hello to groundbreaking Guinness World Records- Lotte Tower Glass Floor

Did you know that the famous Lotte Tower in Seoul is actually home to some of the world’s most ground-breaking records? Yes, this mega destination featured in the legendary book with some pretty extraordinary honors. Meanwhile, here’s some of them to keep you motivated and coming back for more:

The world’s highest observatory- Sky Deck

Standing at a jaw dropping 478-meter-high location, you’ll be amazed at the alluring views present on this level. Again, not for the faint hearted, it’s truly an epic scene of serene bliss. Did we mention how you’re standing on opaque glass and transparent tiles!

Most importantly, this observatory is present at the 118th floor and definitely, you’ll be coming back for more. And that’s because visitors can take in Seoul’s best offerings, simply at one glance.

Source: Instagram @ranamajid007

From the skyline to views that go as far as the Yellow Sea, there’s truly nothing in the world that compares to that compelling feeling of adventure.

At the same time, you’ll be able to see places as far as Incheon and Songdo too, making sure you take in the city’s most iconic destinations instantly.

Source: Instagram @ranamajid007

The entire observatory deck is covered on all sides with glass walls. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to have clear weather, there’s no stopping your heart from racing for miles.

The world’s fastest double deck elevator

It’s a need for speed sort of adventure as you brace yourselves for a journey of a lifetime. Therefore the Lotte Tower Glass Floor is surrounded by the world’s fastest double-deck elevator too. Yes, we kid you not, you might need to hold on tight as you race up at the most earth shattering speeds.

Renowned as the Sky Shuttle elevator, it’s an adventure that’s going to pump up those adrenaline levels to new found extremes. Needless to say, the sky shuttle elevator does true justice to its name.

Think along the lines of 10 meters per second, an absolute treasured and inspiring journey. However, those with faint hearts might want to take a step back. And that’s because it can be too much to handle for some.

The world’s highest double-deck elevator

Lotte Tower Glass Floor also features the world’s highest double deck elevator. Since you are venturing out on the city’s tallest sky scraper, you need the most effective means of getting there. And what better way of doing so than this double deck elevator?

Be sure to check out the world’s first floating complex- Sebitseom Floating Island.

For those that love some facts and figures, here’s some interesting news. The famous Sky Shuttle stands at a staggering 496m tall location. Certainly, it calls for some memorable pictures

Things to do- A grand sight seeing adventure worth your while

While the spectacular, all round views are what makes this place stand out against all others across the board, here are some more interesting activities that visitors can indulge upon.

Take a break at Seoul’s Tallest Lounging Facility- Lotte Tower Glass Floor

Whether you’re in the mood for some light mid-day snacks or need that steaming cup of brew to energize you up, Lotte tower’s sky care is the place to be. Let’s not forget the leisure filled 123 lounge, renowned as Seoul’s tallest lounging facility.

Explore memorable art pieces at the tower’s exhibition zone

Art fanatics brace yourselves, basement levels 1 and 2 is home to artwork galore. Here, tourists enjoy splendid pieces that honor the country’s most talented artists. From history and culture to Korea’s pride, you’ll find it all.

Shop for striking keepsakes at Seoul Sky’s gift shop

Looking for things to take back home for loved ones and have limited time left for your stay, well, there’s no reason to panic. The tower offers some memorable souvenirs at Seoul Sky’s gift shop.

Needless to say, Lotte Tower Glass Floor will make your heart feel thrilled yet at home. In short, the inviting aura and breathtaking views instill a feeling that’s incomparable to all others.

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