If you’re travelling in South Korea, then not visiting this place would be unfair. Everland is the biggest South Korea’s theme park located in Yongin city. I think this park is perfect place, where everyone can have fun. Everland consists of different activity zones such as Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia.


There are several ways to get to Everland Theme Park (by public transport: subway/bus; by Everland shuttle bus or Everland full day trip; by private car). Choose the most comfortable way from where you are^^ Detailed information about Everland shuttle bus and Everland full day trip you can find on official website of Everland.


#1. The most popular attraction at Everland is one of the world’s fastest wooden rollercoasters named T Express. This world’s amazing wooden roller coaster will leave unforgettable memories about South Korea. It’s top speed is around 104km per hour at a 77-degree angle. So fast, so high!!! T Express is always full and queue is sizeable. So be ready for wait about 1 hour. But worth a visit despite long queue!

#2. There are another thrilling attractions, such as Cable Car ride, Rolling X-Train (Thrilling ride with two 360° rotations), Columbus Adventure (Viking ride that falls from a height of 33m), VR Adventure, Thunder Falls, that most popular ride on hot summer days. I liked all rides and recommend them to you^^. Fun and Thrill, Doubled Surprise!

#3. Another must-see attraction is Zootopia. By riding on the bus, you can see different animals. My best place was Panda World with so cute pandas. I was fall in love with their slow movements of eating bamboo, climbing and cute fails.

#4. For those of you who always wanted to try Gyobok (Korean school uniform), before entering Everland you can rent a full school uniform set in “Evergyobok Korean school uniform” shop and then enjoy your time in park like a young student. There are various kinds of uniform available to choose. You can see loads of young boys and girls wearing school uniform also enjoying their time in Everland. I think Korean school uniform is really beautiful and stylish, that’s why I rented a pretty uniform set and took some photos. I recommend this experience for create some memorable moments and funny photos.

#5. Perfomances and exciting parades. During enjoying your time in Everland don’t forget that you can see amazing lively parades. I fall in love with Moonlight parade. It was really fantastic and the most beautiful parade I have ever seen. If you will visit Everland, don’t miss the fantasy parade that millions of light create!

Moonlight parade:
  • Running time: 30min.
  • Location: Parade Route, Carnival Square
  • Schedule: 20:00

*Before visiting check the official website for more detailed information.

There are some beautiful and quiet places in Everland.

  • Rose garden: romantic garden full of beautiful roses, the queen of flowers
  • Rose castle: romantic palace decorated with various colored lights
  • Four seasons garden: Everland’s representative garden that varies every season


  1. The best time to visit is spring
  2. You can download the Guide map of park through the official website
  3. Buy Q-Pass (Express Pass) ticket. You can skip the long lines and save your time. (Actually there are two lines to attractions: Q-Pass line and Regular line)
  4. Dress comfortably


  • One-day Ticket / Adult 56,000 WON / Children 44,000 WON
  • Night Ticket  / Adult 46,000 WON / Children 37,000 WON
  • Two-day Ticket / Adult 87,000 WON / Children 69,000 WON

PARK HOURS: Open 10.00am – Close 21.00pm

LOCATION: 199 Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: (Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese)

I hope this post about Everland Theme Park was informative^^ Don’t forget to comment if you have any more recommendations or tips related to this post. Thanks for reading and have a nice trip!

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