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Looking for a cool bowling alley in Seoul? Check out Insta Bowling Pub!

If you are looking for an up-scale spot to go bowling with your friends in Seoul then you are in luck! Because today I’m gonna take you on a tour of this amazing place in Sinchon called the Insta Bowling Pub! This is a great place for a weekend hangout with friends where you can enjoy a fun round of bowling or a competitive game of darts. Also as the name of the place suggests you can get some truly Insta-worthy pictures here. So, let’s go check it out!

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How do I get to Insta Bowling Pub?

Here is the the complete address of Insta Bowling Pub which is 2nd floor of Vertigo Building, 8 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

You can arrive here easily by taking the subway to Sinchon Station. Insta Bowling Pub is just a short walk from exit 3 of Sinchon Station.

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The place is open from 12:00 to 5:00 on weekdays and 12:00 to 7:00 on the weekends.

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And make sure you check out the notice boards for any upcoming bowling events that you may want to attend in the future with some pals!

Time for bowling and darts!

This place is great because you don’t really have to come prepared or anything because they have your back when it comes to bowling gear. So, you can just purchase a pair of socks if you forgot your own so you don’t have to miss the bowling action here.

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They also offer shoes in almost every size so you will definitely find some bowling shoes here that fit you!

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Check out these bowling balls! These are of different weights and if you are a newbie then I recommend you start with the lighter ones before moving on to trying your luck with the heaviest balls here.

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Also love the neon lighting in this place because it really gives the whole place a funky vibe and puts you in a playful mood so that you can really enjoy a good game.

And you can always keep track of your score by looking at the scores displayed on the LEDS above.

And if you get tired of the bowling don’t worry because they also have dart games!

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So, why don’t you take aim and see if you can hit the bullseye?

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Get some Instagram-worthy shots!

Right beside the darts area they also have this wall all lit up with neon signs. This is a perfect place to get a shot that will get those Instagram likes pouring in.

Because we all know that if you don’t post about it, then did it really happen? So, make sure you take plenty of shots for your Instagram stories!

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Check out the snack bar at Insta Bowling Pub

After a good a bowling session you can head over to the snack bar area. You can ask for a menu and choose between all the different drinks and appetizers on offer.

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Bar stools line one side of the wall while the other has couches and tables that are good for a larger group. This does make Insta the perfect weekend hangout spot because not only can you enjoy a fun activity with friends but you can also top itoff with a little snack session at the end

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Insta has a pretty big space for bowling with almost 4 lanes plus the darts area and the snack bar so you can enjoy a fun time here even by yourself but if you bring some friends over then I guarantee that are gonna love it too!

source: majid mushtaq

To wrap up, I’d like to say that Insta Bowling Pub is a pretty sweet place to chill at on the weekends and enjoy some quality bowling sessions in Seoul.

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