Little Eiffel Tower: Feel the Romance of Eiffel tower in Chungju

Experience the beauty of Eiffel Tower right in the middle of South Korea. Yes, you get it right, now you don’t need to book a flight to France if suddenly you want to see the historical landmark here in Korea. Even though I’m talking about the little Eiffel tower that located in Chungju. But you can at least experience the beauty without going to France.

About this place

As mentioned earlier, the miniature version of Eiffel tower located in Chungju, the heart of the Korean Peninsula and a pristine city of livable nature and people. This structure placed by the hotel named ‘The Base’. They featured this model on their hotel’s extra-large car parking area. To make the hotel’s landscape eye catching as well as extraordinarily beautiful.

Hotel The Base’s Little Eiffel Tower is a very exquisite reduction of the original Eiffel Tower in Paris, France at a ratio of 1/22.

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The Eiffel Tower was completed on March 31, 1889 and opened on May 6, 1889, and was named after Gustave Eiffel, a French bridge engineer who founded it. 

The height of the Tower in Paris is 324m including the antenna, and it has been the tallest man-made structure in the world for 40 years since its construction.

So if you live in Chungju or pass by this city someday. You can pay a visit to this place and feel the romance of the Eiffel Tower.

How to get there?

  • Address: Hoam-daero 8, 380-967, Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea (호암대로 8, 충주시)
  • Telephone: +82-43-848-9900

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