Korea’s first extreme theme park: Gimhae Gaya Theme Park

Are you looking for adventures? Korea’s first extreme theme park opened in Gimhae. ‘Gaya Theme Park‘ promises give you the thrill you need.


An exiting experience

The “Double Extreme“, a complex adventure facility that combines the “Exiting Cycle” and the “Exiting Tower.” operate under the supervision of the Gimhae cultural Foundation.

The exciting cycle

The country’s first-ever “Exciting Cycle” is a new concept activity facility that runs 500 meters in round-trips by bicycle on a single rope at a height of 22 meters above the ground. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of running toward the sky, as well as a view of the landscape of Gaya Theme Park, Boonsung Mountain and Gimhae City.

The exciting Tower

The Exciting Tower is an adventure-leisure facility that attempts to reach the top by carrying out 72 obstacle courses. The 20-meter-wide, 15-meter-high feat stimulates the viewer’s sense of adventure and desire to play.

Me trying my best not to fall

Depending on the level, the Tower can be enjoyed by beginners as well as people who enjoy high level sports.

And don’t worry if you’re afraid the staff are always near to help you out.

Running man was here

As a bonus, the location was also used to film running man the famous Korean variety show.

With the opening of extreme facilities, Gimhae Gaya Theme Park is expected to emerge as a complex cultural tourist destination with a variety of themes and experience elements that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“We are going to expand our main target customers from family unit with their kids to young people and transform the park from a viewing-focused flat park into an activity-oriented three-dimensional park. We will do our best to attract people who live all over the country as well as foreign tourists” said a representative of Gimhae Gaya Theme Park.

Extreme facilities are available to anyone with a height of 140cm to 200cm and a weight of 40kg to 95kg. Gimhae citizen will have access to discounts as local residents.


How to get there?

By taking the subway from Sasang (Subway 2) to Gimhae National Museum (518) past Gimhae International Airport. Or You can also reach the metro (line 3). when you arrive there, a car will take you to the top of the park.

For more information, visit The Gimhae Gaya Theme Park website ( and check the official social media pages or the representative number (055) 340-7900. 

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