Korea’s Americacore Cafe: Main Street

This Americacore aesthetic café is no laughing matter, it’s the real deal. Located 11,000 Km (6,800 miles) from the big apple, this place serves up all the pleasant aspects of New York for South Koreans to enjoy. But, they seem to have left out pizza rat for some reason – oh well!


Mainstreet claims to be a New York themed cafe. However, it is far more than just a cafe and it also serves up some interspersed western vibes. The building consists of 4 floors and a huge (American style) parking lot.

The place is fairly new and it has multiple photo zones that have become a viral sensation on Instagram. This Americacore cafe has also appeared on TV with countless numbers of K-pop idols and singers endorsing the place. For any American aesthetic coffee shop lovers, this is a great place to visit for a weekend trip. Currently, Mainstreet is very popular on social media, so it might be a little crowded.

Exterior of the Americacore Cafe

Mainstreet is located at a crossroad so it easily catches people’s attention. Furthermore, the brick prominent red color featured in the mural really stands out amid the surroundings.

The gigantic mural encompassing the entire front of the building is beautifully painted. At first glance, you might not even realize that it isn’t a real city street. It’s the perfect place to snap a few pictures for Instagram. In fact, the place is so famous for pictures, I saw a couple bring their own tripod and professional camera gear.

The parking lot is also a great photo zone. It’s big and spacious, just like the parking lots in America. They even have a security guard who will direct you to the empty spots in the parking lot – so Americacore. Plus there are signs everywhere so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the lot.

Interior of the Americacore Cafe

As you can see on the guide below, there are four different floors of the building. Each floor has different areas that offer unique aesthetics, activities, and products.

First Floor

My very first impression of the place was that it’s really big and spacious. Right on the first floor at the entrance, you can see countless bakery counters with different kinds of baked goods. This is their main cafe area, but you can also order drinks from areas of the building.

This first floor area’s most popular photo zones are it’s times square mural and the coca-cola zone.

Second Floor

The stairs leading up to the second floor is a nice place to take pictures. But, if you are tired and you don’t want to climb the stairs, then you can use elevator. The New York theme is depicted in every painting on the wall both inside and outside the building. In every corner of this place, I found myself taking thousands of pictures. This place is just beautiful.

The second floor represents more of a grungy side to the Americacore aesthetic. It has a pop street, an old western themed bar, and a smoking room.

Third Floor

The third floor is a bit more fancy. It has a suburban feel to it with it’s wine bar, rooftop veranda, 2-D cafe, and shipping container shops.

Fourth Floor

Finally, the fourth floor of the cafe has a couple of roof-top photo zones. But to be honest, they aren’t nearly as good as the other zones located throughout the building.

The fourth floor is also home to the cafes beverage street, where you can buy some seriously calorie-filled American-style milkshakes and other sugary drinks.

Where to Eat

You can order food from the bakery on the first floor and pick out your favorite bread or cake.

On the 3rd floor you can order pasta. The smell of the pasta on the 3rd floor is amazing. The place is designed to look like the scene from an anime.

One special thing about this Americacore cafe is that once you have your food, from the first floor to the 4th floor, you can eat wherever you want. The place has chairs and tables on every floor for you to eat at. They also equip a tray returning spot on every floor.

The special Americaore drinks that they serve here all have a very pretty design. But, they are a bit pricy – 10k won to 20k won for each milkshake. However, the price is not expensive compared to what you will get. Each milkshake is really more like a meal than just a drink.


I am in love with the drinks here! And since it takes time to make these drinks, you can order it at the kiosk, enter your phone number, and it up once you receive a message. The drinks at this Americacore cafe are very aesthetic and Instagrammable. The outside of the building is also aesthetic, they make the whole building for people to take pictures. The staff can speak a little bit of English as well. So, overall a trip to Mainstreet Americacore Cafe is like a mini New York vacation without having to leave Korea.

Main Street

Address: 37-21, Poseungsandan-ro 13beon-gil, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korean address: 평택본점 : 경기도 평택시 포승읍 만호리 697-17번지
Operating Hours: 1~2 F : 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
                 3 F   : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Direction: take bus 80 to go to Manhori Entrance and walk to the destination. However, the best way to go there is by car. 

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