Korean Urban Legend: The Right Eye

This urban legend is about eye surgery with a haunting twist. Is it just me, or are urban legends with modern scenarios much more interesting and terrifying? Anyways, be prepared to be scared!


Once there was a young, South Korean woman who lived her life just like any other Korean citizen. That is, besides the fact that she had terrible sight in her right eye. It added difficulties to her daily life. Plus, she believed that she was far more beautiful without glasses. More than anything else, she wanted to correct her vision. She believed that once she had perfect vision, she would also have a perfect life.

After contemplating it for some time and saving up the money, she finally decided to visit an ophthalmologist. The doctor told her that she would need a cornea transplant done in order to fully restore her vision.

She saved up all the money, had the surgery, and it was a success! Her vision was restored to perfect condition after the surgery. Everyone around her shared her happiness and sent her wishes for a fast recovery. However, after just a few days passed, some weird things began to happen.….


The young lady suddenly disappeared from her social life. She stopped showing up to work. Not a single friend or family member could successfully reach her. All of the messages they sent remained unanswered. After a couple of days passed by, her parents started worrying about their daughter and her safety.

They knew something was wrong.

She was so excited leading up to the surgery and immediately after she was so vibrant and positive. Did she take a turn for the worse? Her family and friends frantically continued to call and message her…but there was no answer. She had simply vanished without a trace.

Her parents began to suspect the worst, and so they decided to go to their daughter’s home in person.


They rang the bell once, twice, three, and four times but no one came to answer it. They knocked and knocked and knocked. Nothing. Not a single reply. Desperate, they screamed her name from the hallway. Still, nothing. No reply. Not even a sigh. The only answer was haunting silence.

Her parents felt chills as they sobbed in desperation, calling for their daughter to answer the door. Finally, they decided it was time to get help. They called the police.

When the officer arrived he firmly banged on the door of the woman’s house. He spent several minutes banging on the door and calling her name. As he stood there, he could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and chills ran down his spine. He called her name a final time, his voice cracking in fear. Something was horribly wrong.

He called for backup.

The officers pried open the locked door to the women’s apartment. As soon as it was open, the officers rushed in. Between the shoulders of the officers, the parents peered into their daughter’s apartment.

Their eyes grew wide as they took in the terrifying scene before them.

Their daughter was on the floor of her living room, laying in a pool of her own blood. It had already begun to coagulate around her. After a few moments of silent shock, they moved closer. Then they saw the cause of their daughter’s demise. Horizontally, there were two clean cuts made along her wrists. The mother rushed in, embracing the cold corpse of her daughter.

Then, she looked up.


Above her daughter’s body, there was a mirror hanging on the wall. The mirror had been shattered. In fact, all of the mirrors in the entire house had been violently shattered. The reflective glass sparkled in the dark, littering the floor of the entire apartment.

Captivated by the shine of the broken mirrors, one of the officers wandered off.

As he slowly walked through the apartment, broken glass crunched beneath his shoes. He could feel rage being emitted from the space. It was as though someone had gone on a drunken rampage and violently destroyed all reflections of themselves.

He continued following the shards of broken mirrors. He moved deeper and deeper into the house. Then, suddenly the officer found himself standing before the women’s bedside table. There was a closed notebook. He felt the book calling to him. So, he decided to open it.

As soon as he opened the book, he felt terror wash over him. There, written in red ink was a single repeating sentence written over and over again. He flipped the page. Again, the same sentence filled the pages. The entire notebook was filled with the same sentence, written over and over again.

My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring at me My right eye is staring-


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