Korean Traditional Souvenirs

If you are a tourist looking for the perfect Korean traditional souvenirs to bring back with your from the land of morning calm, this article is for you!

What memorable souvenirs you can bring from Korea?

Tourists bring traditional Korean souvenirs to commemorate their journey to the Land of Morning Calm. Such items, which describe the rich culture and beauty of Korea, are pleasant not only to keep for yourself, but also to gift to your loved ones. Below are the most popular Korean souvenirs and gifts. Korean national hanbok costume with graceful and smooth cut lines, wonderful ceramic products, and other souvenirs.

Traditional Souvenirs: Hanbok

The straight and flowing lines of the traditional Korean hanbok dress create a harmonious look. The beautiful skirt (chima) and jacket (chogori) of hanbok look elegant and noble. Hanboks have a few types: ceremonial and ordinary for everyday life. Plus, there are differences between men and women, adults and children, and seasonal looks. Then, there is some variation between time periods, and traditional occupations. Recently, modern hanboks with a design suitable for everyday wear have also become very popular.

The traditional hanbok costume can be purchased in specialty shops in Dongdaemun, Insadong, and Samcheon-dong. The cost varies depending on the brand and material.

Traditional Souvenirs: Korean Ceramics

Korean ceramics are highly valued in the world for their beautiful shapes and delicate colors. As a gift from Korea, you can bring good quality tea cups and kitchen utensils.

You can find them in pottery stores in Insadong or from the Pottery Village in Icheon. Small-sized and easy-to-carry accessories and key pendants at affordable prices are also very popular. Shoppers can choose from a wide range of low-cost items under 10,000 won and valuable works worth several hundred thousand won. In addition, you can take part in master classes and take away a hand-made ceramic souvenir.

Traditional Souvenirs: Handicrafts

Another type of gift from Korea popular among foreign tourists is traditional handicrafts. You can find a variety of products at Namdaemun and Dongdaemun Markets, as well as Insadong Street.

There, for a relatively low price starting at 10,000 won, you can buy a fan, a lucky bag, or a keychain. Among the more valuable gifts, I recommend looking at stuff made of pearls and shells.

New Souvenirs: Socks

Foreign tourists in Korea should visit the stationery store. There, a huge selection of unusual socks can be found.

Korean manufacturers decorate seemingly inconspicuous pieces of clothing with colorful patterns, cute animals, funny characters, witty or funny phrases, and even the faces of Korean idols. At a very reasonable price, you can get high-quality ones. Which, will allow you to use socks for a long time. Among the large variety, the traditional Korean socks “Yesul boson”,  are also very popular. Such socks with a variety of patterns are affordable and have thermal insulation.

New Souvenirs: Masks

With the influence of K-pop, Korean cosmetics have long established themselves in the skincare market.

Sheet face masks are perhaps the most popular products in Korea, as they are quite effective and cost around 1,000 Won a piece. Stores offer a huge selection of masks from various brands for all skin types. In addition, they can often be purchased on sale, 1 + 1, 2 + 2, and even 10 + 10.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to buy all of these Korean traditional souvenirs, Click Here! Insadong is one of the best places to pick up traditional Korean pieces.