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Korean Street Food Trend: Flaming Icecream

Flaming Icecream is Korea’s latest trending street food. An ice cream core wrapped with a fluffy marshmallow set ablaze, preferably with a dinosaur blow torch, is what baked-alaska wishes it was. Originally debuting at Seoul’s Mangwon traditional market, Flaming icecream has caught the attention of Korea’s top foodie influencers once again.

Streetfood Baked-Alaska?

As a child two of my favorite desserts were icecream and marshmallows. So when baked-alaska became a trending dessert in California back when I was in elementary school I was overjoyed. It became my favorite dessert. Baked-alaska is a dessert made with a thin layer of cake at the bottom and a big chunk of icecream. Then, it is topped with a marhsmallow-like meringue.

However, baked-alaska is notoriously difficult to make. Typical recipes take six to nine hours. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw baked-alaska on a stick served as street food within just a few minutes.

Flaming Icecream Inspiration

But of course, most Koreans have no idea what baked-alaska is. So, that was not the inspiration behind flaming icecream. In fact, the inspiration was simply, s’mores!

S’mores became popular in Korea as a result of people’s interest in American dramas coupled with the healing trend. The healing trend is focused around self-care and getting in touch with nature. So naturally, glamping became the go to way to escape the city for the weekend. And what is the perfect sweet treat for camping? S’mores of course!

How Flaming Icecream is Made

Icecream in Korea is usually has a much harder consistency than icecream I’ve experienced in other countries. In particular, Americans and Canadians tend to be a big fan of soft-serve ice cream. But, in Korea icecream is so hard that icecream cakes don’t actually have any cake in them – they are just big blocks of frozen icecream.

Having such solid blocks of icecream, it is a lot easier to mold some marshmallow around them. Then once they are wrapped in marshmallow, vendors keep them frozen. When customers come for a tasty treat, they simply punch a hole in the bottom. Then, insert a stick and set them ablaze. 

Where to Find Flaming Icecream

Flaming icecream is available all over Korea. You can mainly find them in traditional markets or places with more permanent street food stalls. Of course, this treat requires freezing, so you won’t typically see it the tent-type street food stalls along the road. 

You can also sometimes find flaming icecream at Korean doughnut shops. Or, you may also find it served on the bottom floor of departstores as more of a high-end street food.

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