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Korean Street Toast

Many of us get closer to new cultures through food. Trying new food is an enjoyable way for us to learn more about another country. Korea is no exception. Today I will introduce the very unique Korean style of toast sandwiches that is sure to blow your mind!

Korean street toast sandwich

Korea never ceases to amaze me with its impressive food culture, in particular, it’s street food. Korean-style toast sandwiches are one of the most regularly consumed street foods in the country. It can be eaten either as a quick snack or a whole meal, especially for busy workers or students living on a budget.

Lots of countries have toast and toast sandwiches but Korea’s stand out. Korean street toast combines both national and western flavors to form a memorable combination of tastes. There are lots of variations when it comes to Korean street toast. However, common features include Korea’s signature slightly-sweet bread, egg, and spicy red-pepper-based sauce.

Korean style toast shops

You can find street toast in most areas around Korea where street food is present. Hongdae, Myeongdong, and Kwangjang Market are all great options for finding some of Korea’s finest street toast.

Isaac Toast

As simple as it is, this street food is unique and especially filling. It is made of soft white bread, eggs, thinly sliced cabbage, American cheese, ham, ketchup, and the secret ingredient – sugar. I never would have thought of eating an egg toast with cabbage or sugar, but I have to say that the combination is beyond divine.

Isaac toast is one of my favorites because you can experience this food similarly to how it has been made and sold in street kiosks for years. You can usually observe the workers making the toast right in front of your eyes. Every trip to Issac’s is an experience to remember.

Egg Drop

Egg Drop is another eggcelent option if you want to enjoy Korean-style toast. This franchise has elevated the Korean street food classic. The sandwich is dense, topped with delicious scrambled eggs. Other toppings can be chosen, creating a customizable Korean toast experience.  

The chain launched into fame after being featured in the Korean drama Hospital Playlist. I also tried Egg Drop for the first time after watching cute little Woju eating his toast so enthusiastically.

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