Korean language courses in Sunchon National University

This year I received a scholarship and now I am attending a language course at Sunchon National University (SCNU). I have been studying here for two months, and two weeks ago I passed the first midterm exams. The information in this article will be useful for those who want to apply to SCNU to learn Korean.

Studying process

On the one hand, it is a typical language center, as with all other universities. The semester lasts ten weeks, and classes are five days a week for about 4 hours each day. We use Seoul National University textbooks, write essays, practice speaking, etc.

However, there are several special characteristics.


Classes are in the mornings and afternoons. Groups at levels 3 and 4 study from 9:00 to 12:50. However, students at levels 1 and 2 study from 14:00 to 17:50. But the schedule rotates, so from spring, most likely, I will study in the afternoon, not in the morning.

TOPIK Preparation

The curriculum includes preparation for TOPIK. But right now we don’t have language exam preparation, we only use Seoul National University books. In winter, we will have an intensive course for several weeks, where we will focus only on TOPIK.


Courses are conducted by 4 to 5 teachers. Usually, classes are held on the same day with two teachers in turn. With each, we study grammar and vocabulary, then work out the topics studied and complete the task of listening, reading, and writing. A lot of attention is paid to speaking. Every day students need to prepare for different speaking tasks.

Additional Programs

There are various programs that help you to adapt and get used to studying at a Korean university. One of the options is a language exchange, where weekly meetings with Korean students are held for an hour. Students also can participate in the buddy mentoring program. 3-4 international students and 2 Korean students meet weekly and spend time together. At the first meeting, they make a schedule and plan which places they will visit.

Of course, there are also several student clubs in different fields where you can make friends. Suggested activities include visiting cultural and historical sites in Suncheon; short walks; and experiences that involve the customs and cuisine of Korea.


In general, the approximate total cost is 4,400,000 Won, this amount includes Tuition, dormitory fees, and insurance.

The duration of the semester is 20 weeks, 400 hours, and the cost of tuition is 2,400,000 Won. The cost of the dormitory for 25 weeks is approximately 1,900,000 Won including three meals a day. You can decline to have food included, then the fee will be less. Insurance costs 100,000 Won. You will need to pay the full amount for one year of study. Graduates of language courses can apply for scholarships with a coverage of 80% to 100% for the first semester of study.


Students can choose whether they want to pay for a dormitory meal plan at the cafeteria or not. For 25 weeks, you need to pay an additional slightly above 1,000,000 Won. It may seem like a lot, but it will be cheaper than eating in restaurants or buying the ingredients yourself for nutritious meals. The food is very good and of high quality. They provide various types of meat, fish, and seafood, and always provide fresh fruit (very expensive in Korea). If someone for religious reasons does not eat certain types of meat, then the staff prepares additional dishes for them.

If there is no desire to go to the dormitory cafeteria, then there is an option to cook in the kitchen for foreigners.


The location of the campus is one of the advantages of the university. There is a bus stop within walking distance from the main entrance, where more than 10 buses stop. So, if you need to go somewhere, the waiting time is very short. Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that the university is not far from the Suncheon bus terminal and Suncheon railway station. The estimated time is no more than 20 minutes. Thanks to the convenient location of the university, you can very quickly get anywhere within the city, or go to another city.

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