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Korean Ice Creams You Must Try

Who doesn’t love an ice cream on a hot day. Korean ice creams are various from cones to shaved ice and even ice cream sandwiches with the most innovative flavors you’ll ever find.

1. Shaved Ice ‘Bingsu’

The staple ice cream of Korea, Bingsu is made with layers of shaved ice. The genuine Korean style ice cream is Patbingsu. Created with delicate layers of shaved ice, red bean paste and fresh fruits on it with condensed milk. This unique dessert is a wonderfully light alternative to regular ice cream.

Sulbing is the largest Bingsu chain in Korea. And my favorite Bingsu is the developed version at Sulbing. They have many different types of Bingsu with chocolate and fruits. They also have seasonal ones with Watermelon and strawberries. Click here for more information.

2. Ice Cream Sandwich

You can taste the perfect combination of the crust of biscuits and the soft ice cream. This Bakery, Taegeukdang, is one of the oldest in town and has been in business since 1946. You can get there from Exit 2 of Dongguk University Station. Click here to check out their Instagram page! The ice cream sandwich named ‘Monaka’ is really popular even for locals.

3. Ice Waffle ‘Samanco’

The first time I saw Samanco in the fridge at a convenience store, I was quite confused. It looks like a fish but it is an ice cream sandwich with red bean inside. It is sweet and crunchy. They eve have different kinds of flavors such as black sesame and green tea!

4. Korean Freezie ‘Papico’

This ice cream reminds me of something in my country. It is sold in and out of a plastic tube and the way you eat it is funny.
You need to twist off the plastic handle on the top and rub it between your hands as this ice cream is too frozen and hard to eat right away. They come in many flavors like strawberries and dalgona but the original flavor is chocolate.

5. Watermelon Shaped Popsicle

I think this watermelon shaped popsicle is probably one of the most popular one last summer in Korea. I was able to see everyone having it. As the name suggests, it is a popsicle which tastes like watermelon and also is shaped like a watermelon. Since watermelon itself sells really well in Korea in summer, the watermelon shaped popsicle is also very popular. You can also find Melona which tastes like a melon. This one is also popular in Korea.

Have you ever tried any of these ice creams? let me know below! And if you would like to browse more about Korean snacks and desserts, click here!

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