Aesthetics in Korea: Couple Looks Explained

In South Korea, being in a relationship is a big deal — not only in terms of personal commitment but also when it comes to style and appearances. While it is common for people to show their love to the world, Korean couples take their love to the next level. It’s not uncommon to see couples wearing matching clothes or coordinated outfits in their daily lives. Today I’ll explain the fascinating fashion world of Korean couple looks.

What are Couple Looks?

Couple looks can mean wearing matching clothes, accessories, or even rings. While in other countries matching rings is a sign of commitment, it doesn’t necessarily signify engagement here in Korea. It’s just a fun way for couples to show off their love to the world.

If you walk down the bustling streets of Korea, you will see dozens of couples wearing matching outfits or coordinating colors. The term for the cultural phenomenon where partners wear identical outfits is called couple looks (커플룩).

However, recently a new version of the trend, a similar looks (시밀러룩) has become more trendy. With similar looks, couples don’t dress identically. However, they do coordinate their outfits to look well together, think family portraits. It is a more subtle and less obvious style for lovebirds.

While couple looks are often for romantic partners, it doesn’t have to be. It is not uncommon to see friends of parent and children pairs sport couple looks.

Trendy Couple Looks

There has been an increase in the number of online stores and shopping malls that sell couple looks. Believe it or not, couple looks tend to sell out very quickly. Bathing suits, pant-skirt sets, couple tees, and even couple underwear are in high demand.

Many couples like to commemorate special days like anniversaries and memorable milestones with photos in their couple looks. Koreans often plan trips and purchase matching outfits to look like the perfect couple in all of their photos during their romantic trips.

Seasonal Looks

Couple looks change a lot with the seasons.

For summer trips, beiges and whites are dominant. With linen being the most popular choice of fabrics. It creates a cozy but sophisticated look. Or, for those going on a tropical-themed vacation to destinations such as YangYang or Jeju, similar swimwear with matching sandals is a must. 

Effortless Looks

Millennial couples prefer an effortless urban and sporty style that allows them to do various activities together while being comfortable. However, you can find an array of different designs that cater to any style that the couple might be into. In particular, teens tend to go for more eccentric, trendy looks.

Accessories and Blunt Looks

One thing that really caught my attention and I didn’t miss doing with my significant other is to customize accessories, shoes, or jewelry together. Sometimes these items can be very bluntly with big logos such as “this is my girlfriend”. However, most are more subtle, such as embroidery or dainty jewelry. 

Turning the Look into a Date

Couples will often book a studio to create something together which is a very cute date idea and quite cost-effective most of the time. There are couples that even make scents together and have a slightly similar perfume. 

All in all this trend is not only for couples but also increasingly popular with friends. Having brands like LipHop jump into the bandwagon of best friend couple outfits has accelerated this trend with no end in sight.

What do you think about this trend? Would you try it yourself with your friends or significant other? 

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