Korean Cottagecore: Two Spring Fashion Brands

Looking for some jovial clothing to accompany the coming of warm, beautiful spring? Today I will introduce two Korean brands that are perfect for spring fashion. They offer looks that align with Korea’s fairytale feminine or cottagecore styles.

Intro to Korea’s Cottagecore Spring Fashion

The ladies of Seoul have always been fashionable. But, it never ceases to amaze me just how varied interests and styles can be here. Although the umbrella term K-style exists, it loses its meaning the more time I spend in this fashionable city. There’s really no one way to sum up how Korean ladies dress, especially since the fashion industry here provides so many options. Residents here really find what’s theirs and completely own it.  Maybe that is the true K-Style.

A genre I didn’t think would exist here – until I was proven wrong – is the French inspired feminine style. Nowadays, it is commonly referred to in the west as cottagecore. Think Miu Miu meets Chanel – girly, playful, and elegant all at the same time. With this style, there is a heavy emphasis on tweed, pearls, and ribbons. More playful than French chic, the style is something that looks straight out of a Renaissance painting. There are lots of nods to olden day trends that have clearly lasted until now. 


One of the pioneers of this particular fashion style in Korea is Seocookie. They are known for their one-of-a-kind pieces and a strong sense of identity. They present a look that is perhaps best described as cottagecore’s wild child.

This brand has somehow managed to merge cottage core with some of the recently emerging Y2K inspired trends. You really can’t find a brand like this anywhere else. But, it perfectly captures Korea’s take on cottagecore.

Seriously – where else would you be able to find fluorescent orange tweed – and done well at that? Seocookie’s customers know that most pieces here are rare, unique finds worth the investment. Plus, it helps that this brand is also well-known for reliably churning out clothes that are long-lasting and flatters the wearer with a good fit. 

LaBelle Blanc

LaBelle Blanc is run closer to a blog market, a business model that involves limited periods where customers are allowed to place orders. Run by well-known influencer Nae Hwa (@ne.hwa on Instagram), LaBelle Blanc truly makes the kind of clothes that is rarely seen elsewhere else.

The styles are bordering on cottagecore chic – if cottagecore chic were French – this would be it. Pieces like full-length taffeta dresses with puff sleeves, demure silk-and-lace blouses, and nautical-inspired tweed jackets are central parts of this brand’s identity.

If Seocookie were the wardrobe of a playful mischievous younger sister in a classic fairytale, LaBelle Blanc would be the mature older sister’s choice. The long, flowing skirts present a soft feminine mood.

Although LaBelle Blanc isn’t always open for sale, customers are more than happy to wait. There are plenty of reviews on Naver and even YouTube for the clothes sold here, and most have been glowing ones by buyers who keep coming back for more. 

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