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Korea E-Sports Hall Of Fame- Captivating Arena For Gaming Enthusiasts

For those who aren’t familiar, e-sports is also commonly known as electronic sports. It’s no wonder why numerous countries around the world have dedicated a platform that celebrates the best of the best. With Korea being a major electronic game player nation, the state also established it’s own Korea E-Sports Hall of Fame.

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Moreover, this industry is worth billions, featuring some of the most talented video game competitors. At the same time, numerous competitions are held, both individually as well as between teams. And it’s safe to say that the world can’t help but notice.

Opening its doors recently in Seoul, the addition is a major highlight for both locals and tourists. Hundreds of thousands of fans who show interest in the video gaming phenomenon, make it a point to visit this destination.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

The giant theater-like arena has a seating capacity for 1000 people. This includes high-end speaker systems and revolutionary gigabit broadcasting facilities. In short, it’s a visual treat for gaming enthusiasts.

And below, we’re going in-depth with all the necessary details about the Korea E-Sports Hall of Fame.

Korea E-Sports Hall of Fame – honoring dedicated gamers

To help commemorate the best of the best, it was natural for Korea to establish its own platform for gamers. And that’s why the country chose to celebrate those that dedicate time and devotion to the sport.

The inauguration ceremony for the Korea E-Sports Hall of Fame took place on August 21st, 2018. Meanwhile, Korea chose to put all those at the forefront, whose zeal and passion deserves true recognition. Meanwhile, the area was opened to help highlight the world that represents competitive gaming.

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In particular, some of the most eye-grabbing locations include the ‘Honors.’ Here, first-generation e-sports stars are celebrated. And that means seeing names like Hong Jin-Ho and Lee Yoon-yeol. On the other hand, you’ll find the ‘Stars’ section with the likes of ‘Faker’ or Lee Sang Hyuk as well as Bae Sung Woong.

The world of E-sports and Korea – the need of the hour

The e-sports industry shares a relatively short yet meaningful history with South Korea. And it’s up to the extent that the Ministry for Culture, Sports, and Tourism dictated how it was necessary to pay homage to the game.

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Today, you can find the distinguished hall of fame upon the 11th floor. In addition, you’ll also find an entire ‘history zone’ that pays tribute to all South Korean pro gamers and the story behind it all.

How to reach the famous Korea E-Sports Hall Of Fame

Gaming fans, locals, and tourists await a visit to the famous Seoul-e-Stadium. And for that, you need to reach the renowned S-Flex Center. But how do you get there?

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From Digital Media City Station, take Exit number 2. For metro users, it’s Subway Line 6, Stop 618. Next, cross the street and get on bus number 670, while getting off at S-Plex Center stop.

The arena operates from Tuesday to Sunday, with Mondays and national holidays being off. Meanwhile, visiting hours include 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

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Korean fans await thrilling tournaments at the largest E-Sports Hall

With the e-sports craze blowing up, fans are gearing up for more happening events. And that means live streaming professional gamers do what they do best.

From the likes of Battleground to the ever so popular League of Legends, it’s a feast for the eyes. And when you’ve got a unique e-sports themed powerhouse by your side, all the anticipation makes sense.

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Fans can also take pictures, alongside their favorite stars. There’s also plenty of exciting features on display. For instance, merchandise in the form of star uniforms, their keyboards, and their mice. Also, you can find their engraved handprints too.

Meanwhile, gaming enthusiasts also adore the VR booth where they can indulge in gaming. There’s also an e-sports themed archive sporting device.

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 E-sports Stadium Tour Program

Foreign tourists who share a passion for E-Sports can take advantage of a tour to the Hall of Fame. Run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the city-owned tour takes place once a month.

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Here, you can visit the Korea E-Sports Hall of Fame and enjoy viewing numerous competitions. The tour also features an English tour guide that explains all you need to know. As far as the applications are concerned, you can make reservations at least two weeks in advance. And if there are more than 15 applications, the city conducts a raffle draw and selects the winners.

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Gaming fans have their say in more than one way

The famous Korean Esports Hall of Fame keeps on getting raving reviews. And that’s because fans are the ones in charge of the entire induction. Therefore, those stars who get the most votes from fans, via online polls, will be featured. And the duration of their stay will be one whole year. Furthermore, you can find their pictures at the Star Zone demarcation, situated at the Hall of Fame.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

What better way to enjoy the world of e-sports in Seoul than by paying a visit to this incredible destination. Simply put, this powerhouse is ideal for those with gaming fever.

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