Keto in Korea

In western countries, the Keto diet has become pretty popular in recent years. It is a low-carb,high-fat diet. But, is it sustainable in Korea?


Keto in Korea sure does sound hard right? If you don’t know what keto is, let me tell you a bit about it.

It is a low-carb diet, so you can’t eat anything that contains flour, rice, or sugar. Instead, your diet is mostly just based on meat and veggies. If you have a sweet tooth like me, it’s gonna be hard because sugary baked goods are definitely off the table.

Now, some people do keto to lose weight. However, others follow keto diets because they have some health problems and can’t eat carbohydrates.

Is it Possible to be Keto in Korea?

So, can you do Keto in Korea? Moving to another country sure is different than just traveling. You have to adjust to a whole new food lifestyle, and even if you move to a country similar to yours, it’s not that easy.

For me, moving to Korea, weight-wise was a big challenge. I think almost all foreigners experience similar challenges with their weight. Initially, you can lose weight because you go out to new places all the time and are constantly moving around the city. But once you settle in, things change. You stop moving around so much and the food is to die for! Is there anyone who didn’t gain weight moving to Korea? Unfortunately for me, most Korean foods, if not all, are full of sugar and carbs. My western body just wasn’t made to handle a typical Korean diet.

To answer the question, you can follow a keto diet in Korea. And, you may find that eating more keto meals can help with common health problems foreigners face in Korea. There are lots of pretty neat online keto recipes that you can try at home using ingredients that are easily found in Korea. You can grill chicken, make some bap-less kimbap, and so much more.

But, if you follow a keto diet more strictly, you will quickly find that desserts are a bit tricky. However, I do have one website where I occasionally buy Ice cream and chocolate-coated almonds. So, If you are struggling with keto right now, and you are in need of a dessert, you can check KETOLAB. You can find the website by Clicking Here.

Keto Restaurants in Korea

Unlike western restaurants, where everyone orders their own dish, at Korean restaurants people order to share. Everyone at the restaurant has to order the same dish and share it together. So, if you go out with friends or colleagues, following any sort of diet in Korea can be extremely difficult.

But you can’t just eat at home. Going out to eat is an important part of life in Korea. Luckily there are some go-to options. Unmarinated Korean bbq, such as pork belly is one of the safest options for people following a keto diet in Korea. Most Koreans love pork belly, so your keto diet will probably go unnoticed.

However, sometimes you want to try something different. If you get bored of going out for pork belly all the time, I recommend D LIFESTYLE KITCHEN. It has three locations in Seoul and offers great options for people going keto in Korea. Two of my favorite things on their menu are their sugar-free ice cream and no-flour pizza. Yummy!

Will Keto be a thing in Korea?

Keto is fairly new in Korea, compared to other countries. The good news is that lately, I see way more keto products than when I first moved to Korea. Even E Mart has keto meals in the frozen meals section nowadays! I do hope we see more Keto and products using sugar substitutes in the future. I can’t wait for the moment that I can eat low-carb tteokbokki!

While following a low-carb, high-fat diet is still uncommon in Korea, there are more and more people going vegan. Click Here to read about SikMulSung, one of the trendiest vegan restaurants in Korea.

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