Keimyung University Tour- Filming Location Of Boys Over Flower Drama

Situated in the heart of Daegu, a Keimyung University tour is a journey that’s comparable to no other. The private university receives a lot of fame for the heartwarming campus. Hence, it’s no wonder why many recall it as the top spot for filming locations. For instance, the Boys Over Flower Drama is the perfect example.

Did you know cherry blossom season adds more beauty to the campus?

With support from the U.S. in 1954, the university began offering its higher education services. For this reason, today it stands tall and proud as one of the country’s leading universities.

The University’s motto revolves around the slogan, ‘The Kingdom of Truth, Justice, and Love.’ And rightly so, because the alumni always recall their best experiences here.

Meanwhile, the university comprises of three campuses in the city of Daegu. Moreover, each campus is named after its designated location. They include:

  1. Daemyeong- near the city’s downtown area
  2. Seongseo- situated near the city’s western area
  3. Dongsan- located as a part of the Dongsan Medical Center

Today, thousands of Koreans are receiving higher education. But on a lighter note, the establishment’s tour is a must for every tourist. And this especially includes those hardcore fans that indulge in KPOP entertainment.

How do I get there?

To experience the tour, you need to be in Daegu. You can arrive at the university’s campus via a number of ways. They include:

  • Bus Number 305, 402, 425, 503, 508, 521, 527, 564, 655, 805
  • Subway: take line number 2 and get off at the Keimyung University Station


Keimyung University Tour – an enlightening experience

What makes this institution so special? Well, it’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that it’s one of the most visually appealing areas in all of Korea.

Yes, we kid you not when we say it’s stunning! And not just one campus, each and every single one has its own calling. Hence, it’s no wonder why KPOP entertainment lovers couldn’t get enough of the ‘Flowers Over Boys’ drama.

The heart winning popular serial was shot brilliantly over the Seongseo campus’ premises. Can you recall any particular scene from any episode? Well, if you ask us, there’s simply too many to name!

Lost in the arcades of beauty

Did you know the campus was renowned for its signature red brick buildings? And it’s this characteristic that exudes a unique atmosphere. Similarly, you’ll love the stellar landscape. And this is what attracts directors and producers to the destination.

KMU Seongseo- entertainment takes center stage

To reach this location, you need to take subway line number 2. From there, hop-off at the Keimyung University station.

Upon arrival, the majestic Art Center takes many visitors by surprise. Furthermore, it’s here that countless plays, musicals, theater, Operas, and concerts take place.

Most importantly, the setting also plays host to the ever so famous Daegu International Music Festival. And that means each year, all of the entertainment industry’s finest performers unite for music.

Nature meets architecture – Keimyung University Tour

Most importantly, you’ll fall in love with nature’s glorious sights. And that’s as you head past towards the east gate. In short, it’s a road that’s filled with sublime and lush metasequoia trees. And what’s really striking is how beautifully tinged their leaves are.

As you keep on moving forward, you’ll be amazed at the grand architecture. At the same time, the university’s main building has a glance like no other.

You’d probably recall regal greatness combined with antique bliss. It just has the certain elegance to it. We’re thinking along the lines of old age charm.

Since all that walking can be a little daunting for some, you can rest on the line of resting benches. These are present amid the Social Science building.

Keimyung Hanhakchon- hello Korean culture

When it comes to must-visit tourist attractions on campus- this spot wins hands down. It’s remarkable to see how the scenes of traditional houses are recreated.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: ranamajid007)

Therefore, the tour gives students as well as visitors the chance to learn about Korean culture. Likewise, it introduces them to the Korean way of living. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s nothing less than a tranquil temple.

Meanwhile, you’ll find visitors relaxing against the ponds or sitting inside the gazebo. All in all, it’s a mystically oriental episode.

If you wish to seek the highest views of the district, we recommend a visit to Adam’s Chapel. Most importantly, this is the campus’s highest building. Here, you’ll truly get a breathtaking feel of life’s amazing blessings.

Whether you’re a fan of nature or a Korean Drama lover, the Keimyung University Tour is definitely a venture worth your while. It’s no wonder why tourists flock this destination to capture memories to last a lifetime.

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