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Kakao Friends Hongdae-An Adorably Iconic Flagship Store

If you’re a fan of the most adorable Kakao Friends Hongdae , then this hotspot in Seoul’s famous district is for you. Meanwhile, think along the lines of absolute bliss, combined with the cutest characters ever.

Moreover, if you have little ones along, then it’s an absolute dream come true. The store comes packed with the most beautiful little décor elements, sure to steal your heart at one glance. Did we mention how intricately organized it is?

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Yes, the layout is beautiful, modern, and super spacious. You can window shop, pose away with props, or simply relax and lounge around. Whatever you do, one thing is for sure, you’ll never get tired of this place.

As far as tourists are concerned, you’ll find them inspired by every little piece in every little corner. And it’s safe to say, they’ll take back memories that’s incomparable to all others.

Arriving at your destination- Kakao Friends Hongdae

Open to visitors across the board, you can arrive at the famous Kakao Friends Hongdae flagship store with ease. Here’s how:

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Take the Hongik University Station, subway line 2, Gyeongui-Jungang Line, AREX. Now don’t forget to take exits 8,9.

While the store is open all year round, there are certain hours of operation. These include 10:30 am to 10pm. Furthermore, that means you’ve got plenty of time to shop till you drop or get entertained.

Kakaotalk- Korea’s number one social networking site

It’s a messaging application that took over the Korean nation by storm. And now, it’s doing the same with the store too.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

At the same time, every and any Korean can relate to why this flagship destination is always crowded. Simply put, the world can’t get over the cute characters with their wonderful stickers.

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The hype behind fictional characters is real

Whether you’re familiar with the most adorable fictional characters or not, one thing is for sure. The hype that surrounds it is real.

And that’s because you simply can’t get enough of their grand presence. From the cute expressions to the adorable little shapes, everything is so unique.

Above all, you don’t need to be kind to love them. These little beings come in all shapes and sizes, colors too. Their intricate design is another world all together. And it wouldn’t be wrong to term their creators as true masters of their art.

How can anyone walk out of the store empty handed? Here, the store is all about celebrating each unique character. Moreover, it offers some of the most variable products that feature these little fictional stars.

Source: Majid Mushtaq

Mobile Emoticon characters come to life- Kakao Friends Hongdae

Would you believe that the store’s characters were actually first introduced as mobile emoticons? Yes as bizarre as it may sound, that’s the ultimate truth. And just like, with time, their popularity grew for days.

Slowly and surely, these little Kakao friends started setting up stores, offering a wide array of 2000 products. This includes toys, stickers, shirts, stationary, and jewelry too.

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Moreover the merchandise is so adorable that even if you came with full pockets, you certainly wouldn’t leave without making an exuberant amount of purchases. And that’s because everything just seems too cute to be true.

Visitors can hangout with Ryan, Apeach, Frodo, Tube, Neo, Con, Muji, Jay G, and many more. From virtual hugs to real-life ones too, not to mention selfies galore, the environment is super inviting.

Stellar merchandise- an investment that’s worth your while

So we know that there are adorable merchandise on sale but what exactly are viewers given to look at on display. Well, you name it and they’ve got it. Most importantly, the list is full of kitchenware, toys, stationary, jewelry, stamps, office supplies, and more.

No matter what mood you enter with, you will always leave with an infectious smile on that face. And most of it has to do with the simple fact the store’s aura is so vibrant. It’s full of life, color, and modern chic appeal.

Therefore, when you have such great organization at hand, there’s no complaining from anyone’s side. Everything and anything from the flagship location will surely brighten up that day.

Things to do- Kakao Friendship Store Hongdae

What can one do or should I say, what can a tourist look forward to at this iconic location. Well, for starters, how about a shop till you drop experience.

Next, pose and click away with the real life sized figures. You’ll find them in almost all corners of the store, that’ for sure.

The 3rd floor is an absolute must for an exploration of a lifetime. From sipping on a ice cold coffee blend to munching all of your tiring struggles away, the inviting atmosphere is definitely worth exploring. Moreover, there’s even Kakao themed sweet treats too.

This Kako Friendship Store Hongdae has plenty of memorable offerings. Meanwhile, it’s refreshing to see how the store’s owners keep on bringing versatility to attract more and more fans around the globe. As far as I was concerned, these cute little beings stole my heart in more ways than one.
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