K-Pop Idol Pop-Up Cafes

Are you a k-pop fan? Have you been wanting to celebrate your favorite idol’s birthday together with other fans? Then you’re in luck! Cafes all over Seoul hold pop-up events for K-pop idols’ birthdays. No matter who your bias is, you can bet there will be a K-pop Idol pop-up cafe for them on their birthday.

How to Attend a K-Pop Idol Pop-Up Cafe Event

There are many social media platforms you can use to look for these cafe events. My personal favorite would have to be Twitter.

Just go to the search bar and type in the keywords to find information about cafe events. For example, if you want to go to a Jungkook birthday event then just type “Jungkook cafe event 2022”.

As soon as you do, you will find a lot of different events. From there you can choose any event that you want, based on the time and location that is convenient for you. Most likely, the Kpop Idol pop-up cafe will have special events at specific times. During special events, you can usually get free merch. And so, you should take that into consideration when deciding where to go.

Freebies are usually given on a first come first serve basis. So, if you are interested in any of the prizes you might want to plan ahead so that you reach the cafe early to ensure you will get the free gifts.

Popular locations

There are cafe events all over Seoul! Most commonly you can find them in popular neighborhoods such as Hongdae, Songpa, and Jamsil. However, some fan clubs organize K-Pop Idol Pop-Up cafes in quiet neighborhoods too.

If your idol is from a super popular group like BTS, chances are there will be events all over the city. Just choose wherever is most convenient.

Food and drinks

The food and drinks are normally around the same price as they are on normal days. However, normally there are also special sets that also include extra merch like stickers and photocards of your favorite idol. Sometimes, if you are lucky the cafe might go the extra mile and make a special themed drink for the pop-up event.

You never know exactly what food and drinks will be served. I think this adds to the fun of the event.


While at the K-pop idol pop-up cafes there are a lot of things you can do. After ordering your food, you can look around at the decorations put up around the cafe for the event.

The decorations are normally really good and you will be able to take as many pictures as your heart desires. After you have basked in the glory of your idol, you can then sit down with you food and drinks while chatting with other fans.

K-pop idol pop-up cafes are great places to make new friends. You can easily meet people with common interests. And so, you will naturally have a lot to talk about. Even with a language barrier, you can show others your favorite pictures and videos of your idol.

Then if you’re lucky you can enter a lucky draw or get free merch. When that happens people usually sit down after and trade items.


All in all, K-pop Idol Pop-up cafes are really fun if you are a fan of K-pop or K-dramas. If you have the chance to come to Korea, I highly recommend paying one a visit.

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