K-Drama Island: A Review

Friday nights and weekends are for good movies and dramas, right? Binge-watching a good Korean drama in the middle of the night while enjoying some fried chicken and beer is nothing other than pure dopamine. And our brains crave this, especially after a stressful week at work. Recently, I have started to watch an absolutely entrancing Korean fantasy drama called “Island”, starring Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee and Cha Eun Woo.

Korean Drama Island

Based on a webtoon written by Yoo In Wan and illustrated by Yang Kyeong Il, the series will definitely become your favorite. Did I catch your attention? If you want to find out more, then keep reading this article. You won’t regret it.

This Korean drama gained popularity not only among Korean viewers, but also internationally. The first season came out in December 2022. The second one will be released this February according to the latest news. Each season has 6 episodes.

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Island: Dark Fantasy, Demon Catchers, and Kpop

Korean drama “Island” is all about catching demons. Hunting ancient monsters and encountering supernatural beings. A handsome priest with an ear piercing performing exorcism rituals while listening to kpop music on his headphones. Dark powers vs sacred energy. If you are a big fan of dark fiction and you enjoy decyphering a character’s roots and true intentions, then this drama is for you. And, also if you are a fan of Cha Eun Woo haha

Release date: December 2022(1st season)

Director: Bae Jong

Screenplay: Yoon Mi Jang, Bo Hyun Oh

Genres: fantasy, horror, action, myth

The Beginning of Island

The first episode of the drama starts by presenting a scene where a newlywed couple tries to take some nice pictures in front of two dolhareubang* statues on Jeju Island. However, the good vibes are ruined by an evil spirit that possesses them. The groom attempts to kill the photographer.

*dolhareubang is the Korean name given to the statues you will often find in Jeju Island; they look like grumpy old men, but they are supposed to bring good luck. The legend says that if a newlywed wife touches the nose of the statue, she will give birth to a son. Dolhareubangs are considered gods of fertility.

Meanwhile, the viewer is presented with another scene where two priests are talking about a bloodstain they noticed on a monument. Later, one of the priests, Giovanni, tries to exorcise a woman while performing a strong religious ritual with his headphones on. Other characters will appear in the story that seem to be unrelated to the plot. However, everything will be revealed step by step during the following episodes.

The Main Characters

Priest Yohan aka Cha Eun Woo, is one other main character in the drama. With a charming appearance, he is calm and composed, Yohan isn’t afraid of any demons. In the first episode, you can see priest Yohan performing an exorcism ritual while listening to music. His skills are unique, especially for someone young like him.

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When he goes to Jeju Island to complete his mission, he proves to be a very wise, and open-minded character.  Even if some viewers heavily criticized Cha eun woo’s acting in “lsland” l believe he did a pretty good job playing this role. His Italian was almost perfect. The way he acts when he tries to exorcize a possessed woman is on point. His aura is absolutely suitable for this kind of dark fantasy drama.

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Another character I liked in this drama is no other than Won Mi Ho played by Lee Da Hee. This amazing Korean actress, famous for other roles in productions such as “The Beauty Inside” or “Love is for suckers”, manages to portray the character with such intensity that we almost tend to believe the plot was created especially for her. She goes to Jeju Island where she encounters extremely vengeful demons. However, she is saved by Van(played by Kim Nam Gil), a half-human, half-demon being who wants to protect her. Mi Ho also meets priest Yohan during her journey and they become good friends.

Final Thoughts

Another great production from Studio Dragon!
To begin, I’m not a big fan of horror or supernatural dramas! Watched Alchemy of Souls because of Lee Jae Wook and found it surprisingly entertaining.
Island has almost the same vibe with a little bit of this and that in terms of fantasy beings/beasts, exorcism, exciting duels, and tech music that took the edge of bloody encounters!  written by EmpressRuyi (Mydrama list)

Many fans were pleasantly surprised to see Cha Eun Woo in another drama, this time playing a much more mature role. Most of them were fascinated by the combination of themes like religion, chasing demons, and contemporary music. Intricate plot. And tons of mystery. Have you watched “Island”? Who is your favorite character?

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