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K-Beauty Trends: Syrup Nails

Understated yet demure, syrup nails are finding popularity among trendy Seoulites. The transparent quality of the polish presents a chic and elegant addition to any outfit. It blends with an overall look rather than standing out starkly as many traditional manicures do. While many get their syrup nails professionally done at nail salons, today I will be covering syrup nail brands that will allow you to achieve the look at home. All of these brands are available on Olive Young. And so they are available to purchase both in Korea and overseas.

Hince Glow Up Syrup Nails

Hince’s Glow Up Nail presents one of the earliest releases of DIY syrup nail polishes. Hence, the brand has long been loved for its subtle, easy application and beautiful selection of colors.

The buildable formula allows users to get many different kinds of looks with a single bottle. 1 coat of nail polish will give just the slightest tint of color to bare everyday nails, perfect for the office. However, 3 coats will give off an opaque, full-color look more suitable for occasions and for adding a focal point to your look. 

Hince updates its color selection every season with hues that reflect current trends and demands. This spring and summer you can expect warm berry tones. You can expect colors such as tangerine orange, lilac, and warm 90’s green.

Wakemake Syrup Nails 

Wakemake’s flagship nail polish line consistently holds its own as one of the bestselling products in the nail polish products at Olive Young. Thanks to its wide range of colors, consumer-friendly price, and easy application it is perhaps the most well-loved DIY syrup nail brand.

Fueled by the success of this line, Wakemake has released a brand-new spring and summer 2022 line. This line offers a higher-quality formulation compared to the original. Where the original provides high pigment, this line reflects the syrup nail trend. It applies much more softly and subtly. Initial reviews claim that the Mood Up line dries more quickly, applies more smoothly, and lasts longer than the original one does. As a user of the original Wakemake nail polish line myself, I’d advise buyers to just pick the one with the color payoff closer to their own preference. The original is good enough for me. 


While in the west beauty trends are all about saturation, pigment, and color, Korean trends are all about natural subtlety. Are you a fan of transparent nail color? Or do you prefer western nail trends? Let us know in the comments below.

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