K-Beauty: Eye Filler and Shurink at Dr.Designer

I visited Dr. Designer, a dermatologist clinic in Dongseong-ro in Daegu. Getting to the clinic was easy, and two stops off the subway train from Daegu station and a 7-minute walk from Banwoldang station. The clinic is easy to locate next to the store SPAO, across from a U+ square store and located on the 5th floor of Union Square. 

In addition, the facilities include parking (so don’t worry if you drive), wifi, and you can also make reservations via Naver. 

After arriving on time and stating my name for my appointment, the receptionist guided me to a waiting room where I waited for the doctor to see me. 

Firstly, I moved to Korea almost three years ago. I have always wanted to visit an excellent reputable skin clinic to help examine my skin needs and experience perfect treatment.

I was waiting for the doctor.

With the help of Dr. Designer’s clinic in Daegu, I experienced just that. The inside of the clinic was spotless and beautifully lit. I felt comfortable being there, and the staff was friendly.   

My Consultation

My consultation with the chief doctor was excellent and informative. He answered all my questions to the best ability and considered my needs. But, unfortunately, COVID-19 and personal stress haven’t been too kind to my skin; In other words, I was concerned about my skin condition and dark under-eye circles. 

I wind up getting the non-surgical SHURINK anti-aging laser treatment and eye filler. It helps lift the skin around the face, smoothing skin texture and tightening the skin. I was happy to hear that it was suitable for all skin types and tones. I also decided on 1CC of under-eye filler to help lift my dark sunken eyes. Again, I was excited to see the results. 

After washing my face, they applied numbing creme to not feel any pain from the procedure. I waited about 20 minutes so that the creme could kick in and set. After that, I felt my face numbing and could tell it was working.

Trying out shurink and eye filler

Shurink machine

Moving to a private parlor so that the doctor could start the procedure, I was excited to begin. He then applied some gel to my face so that the tool he used could glide on my face smoothly. 

Eye filler

Using three different cartridges to concentrate on the different layers of the skin, I barely felt any pain. The process only took about 15-20 minutes. I only felt little tingles from the ultrasound tool. After that, he applied a soothing sheet mask to my face for about 10 minutes. I saw almost instant results. I could see how smooth and tight my skin was after just one treatment.

Eye filler for volume

Results were amazing

Once my laser treatment was over, they guided me to a room where the doctor would administer under-eye filler. I was a little nervous about this procedure since it involved needles, but the doctor told me not to worry. After that, they used the Neuramis Volume brand to add volume to my under-eye area, and it took about 10 minutes. Again, the pain was very minimal, and the doctor was very gentle. Above all, he took his time adding and adjusting the filler to his and my liking. In the end, I was delighted with the results. 

Lastly, the doctor prescribed me some anti-biotics for any swelling and collagen tablets to take for the next few days. In conclusion, my first time at a skin clinic was a success, and I can’t wait to go back.

🇺🇸 Dyondra Wilson

Hello! My name is Dyondra. I was born and raised in New York, but I'm currently based in South Korea. I love to travel to new and exciting places and often fill my time with reading, watching murder mysteries, or checking out cute cafes.