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JYP Soul Cup Cafe for JYP stans!

Are you a fan of K-pop groups like ITZY or TWICE? Or fans of veteran groups like 2PM? Or perhaps a loyal JYP stan and fan of other JYP Entertainment artists? If yes, trust me! This JYP Soul Cup Cafe will definitely be a perfect fit for you!

About JYP Soul Cup Cafe

JYP Soul Cup Cafe is a cafe owned by JYP Entertainment. The place is meant for coffee and desserts lovers but also for the Kpop fans, especially the JYP stans. The cafe is well known for its organic milk ice cream. The ingredients used in food and beverages served in JYP Soul Cup Cafe are all organic.

A Brief Introduction to JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment is one of the South Korea Big 3 Entertainment companies alongside with SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. The entertainment company is founded in 1997 by J. Y. Park, who is also known as Park Jin Young. All artists under JYP Entertainment are collectively known as JYP Nation. It operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management, concert production company and music publishing house.

The current artists under JYP Entertainments include 2PM, GOT7, DAY6, Stray Kids, TWICE and ITZY. The company has also handled notable artists such as g.o.d, Wonder Girls, Miss A, 2AM, 15&, Rain and Baek A-yeon in the past.

Let’s have a look inside JYP Soul Cup Cafe!

Recently, I visited the JYP Soul Cup Cafe located in the Jamsil Lotte World Tower & Mall as one of my friends is a loyal JYP stan. The Jamsil branch was open on May 15. It is the second branch, following the first one which is housed in the JYP Entertainment building in Gangdong-gu.

The cafe is located at the second floor of the mall.

This is how the interior of JYP Soul Cup Cafe looks like. The interior design of the cafe is mainly consisted of shades of red and emerald green. The combination gives off classy and cozy vibes.

Diverse Options

The cafe sells a wide variety of coffee, beverages and ice cream.

We had Matcha Ice Cream Latte (6800 won), Chocolate Strawberry Toping Ice Cream (6800 won), Cheese Strawberry Topping Ice Cream (6800 won), Chocolate See Salt Caramel Cake (8500 won) and Raspberry Mascarpone Cheese Cake (7500 won). The price range is quite high compared to the usual cafes on streets. The drinks taste good and the cakes are really delicious. My favourite menu is the Chocolate See Salt Caramel Cake. The chocolate icing and flaky sea salt make a perfect balance of sweet and salty taste.

Guest Experience

The first thing that caught my eyes as soon as I sat down was the 300-inch Smart GX (Guest Experience) wall. Music videos of different JYP artist were being broadcasted on the big screen.

ITZY’s latest song, Wannabe which is one of my favourites was being played on the screen.

As a fan of K-pop music, I felt relaxing to enjoy my cup of tea while seeing my favourite music videos and listening to good music. It was so satisfying to watch high resolution music video on a big screen with high quality music.

Shop for some merchandise  

Besides having drinks and dessert, you can shop for your favourite groups’ merchandise as well as some Soul Cup goodies at JYP Soul Cup Cafe. There is a particular area for merchandise shopping.

Mugs and tumblers with ITZY, GOT7, 2PM, Stray Kids, DAY6 and TWICE logos can be found here.

Besides idol group merchandise, the cafe also sells SIORIS skincare products and Rishi tea.

Sioris, a clean beauty brand that is vegan-certified. The brand is famous for their safe formulas from natural and seasonal ingredients.

Here, you can get some Rishi product such as their earl grey sachets, chamomile medley sachets and yuzu peach green sachets.

Other facilities

There is also an unmanned audition studio booth. Visitors can register at the kiosk, and record and shoot videos of themselves singing in the booth. The studio is currently unavailable and is expected to make its first debut from the second half of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A photo zone located outside the JYP Soul Cup Cafe.

JYP Soul Cup Cafe also acts as a community space between idols and their fans. The space will be used for fan meet-ups, birthday parties and events for fans and artists from time to time.

Overall Experience

Don’t forget to snap a photo with the JYP logo before leaving the cafe!

I enjoy my time having tea and listening to music there. The cafe is indeed a really good place for people who loves K-pop especially those JYP stans. Although the menu is a bit pricey, the food has good taste and worth for the money. It is an interesting destination that every JYP idols fan has to visit once.

Operating hours

 JYP Soulcup Cafe operates from 10.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. all year round.

How to get there?

Walk out from Jamsil Station (Line 2, Exit 1). JYP Soul Cup Cafe is 8 minutes walking distance from the station.

  • Address: 300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 300)
  • Website: @jyp_soulcup (Korean only)

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