Jungang Market: Daejeon’s Huge Traditional Market

When travelling in Korea, visiting a traditional market is simply a must. There are lots of traditional markets all over Korea offering unique varieties of food, local produce and other items. Jungang Traditional Market is Daejeon’s oldest and largest market. Experience the old and the new with traditional snacks and new-age street food. What’s more, you can buy regional variations of much-loved Korean cuisine.

Daejeon Jungang Market

Daejeon Jungang Market encompasses several markets under one roof: Jungang General Market, Jungang Shopping Centre, Jungang Wholesale Market and New Jungang Market. Located in downtown Dong-gu in Daejeon Metropolitan City, Jungang Market should be top of your travel list when visiting Daejeon.

Traditional Market Shopping

Daejeon Jungang Market sells a variety of items: fruit and veg, meat and fish, bedding, electronics, hanboks and of course, street food. One of the reasons the market is so huge is that it served residents of Daejeon and the surrounding North Gyeongsang and Jeolla provinces.

Furthermore, each shop is categorised into different streets for easy access. Therefore, once you’re done shopping on herbal medicine street, you can head down the hardware street… perhaps if you’re building a shelf of medicinal herbs? Of course, the highlight is the food street.

On the food street, you’ll find classic street food dishes like sundae, tteokbokki and dumplings. Additionally, this is where you can try regional variations of different dishes, which I highly recommend you do as you won’t find them back in Seoul!

Traditional Market Atmosphere

Like any traditional market, the atmosphere is a little chaotic. Although the market is a tourist destination, don’t forget this is where residents come to buy their groceries too! However, the people that work here are friendly and some of them even use the traditional selling techniques — you’ll know it when you hear it! If you’re lucky enough to live near Daejeon like I do, I recommend picking up some fresh food here as its cheaper than regular supermarkets.

Additionally, the market is close by to the subway and bus station, so if you buy a lot, you won’t have to carry it far!

Nearby Attractions

As I mentioned before, Daejeon Jungang Market is located in the downtown hotspot of Dong-gu, as such, there’s plenty nearby to see and do. A few minutes walk away is the famous Daejeon Skyroad, a shopping and cultural centre with a huge LED screen in the sky. Not just any LED screen, but the 4th largest in the world! Read more about it >> here << 


Daejeon Jungang Market is just one of the traditional markets in Korea. Come, visit and discover Korea’s market culture and lifestyle here. Moreover, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy shopping and eating, well then, a visit to Korean traditional markets is a must!

Location & Directions

Address: 783 Daejeon-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon
Directions: Daejeon Station (Line 1) Exit 1. You'll notice Daejeon Jungang Market as soon as you leave the subway exit, and it's only a 5 minute walk away. 

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