Jungang Market – A Visit to Daejeon’s Largest Traditional Market

Another traditional market in Korea that you should definitely visit is the Jungang Market. It is the largest traditional market in Daejeon and is actually also the largest in central Korea. This market combines modernized shopping and traditional shopping experience in one marketplace.

About Jungang Market

Jungang Market was built in 1900s by several merchants who took advantage of its proximity to the railway station. The term “jungang” literally means central in Korean. This market is actually the oldest and largest traditional market in the metropolitan city. Due to its central location, Jungang Market was often the go-to destination of people, not just from Daejeon but also from other cities, for shopping when online shopping was not yet a thing. And since it is just right across Daejeon Station, it is convenient for other people to visit this market. It is also the wholesale market that connects Gyeongsang-do Province and Jeolla-do Province.

What to See in Jungang Market

Jungang Market in Daejeon is a large comprehensive market consists of many smaller markets. It includes Jungang Comprehensive Market, Jungang Arcade Market, Jayu Wholesale Market, New Jungang Market, and Jungang Wholesale Market. Now there are over 1,250 renovated vendors selling wide-ranging goods from food, clothes, household items and many more.

It also has different sections such as dried seafood street, hardware street, fish street, herbal medicine street, hanbok street, delicacy street, and etc. which stretch all the way from Daejeon Station to the banks of the Daejeoncheon Stream. It also has a street for old familiar books that book lovers would surely appreciate.

And just like in any other traditional markets in Korea, aside from cash, you can also pay using the Onnuri Gift Certificate. This certificate is as good as cash and can be used in its affiliated stores. In addition, if you purchase more than 60% of the recommended amount (total purchase amount), you can get the balance back in cash. Learn more about Onnuri Gift Certificate here.

If you happen to go to Daejeon, which is just approximately an hour away from Seoul, make sure to visit this traditional market. You will not only have a unique shopping experience but you will also help the local vendors thus helping the local economy of the city. Moreover, you will also have a glimpse on what the locals usually buy and shop on a daily basis.

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Nearby Attractions

Jungang Market is just a walking distance from Daejeon Sky Road, a cultural street which is one of the most famous shopping center in Daejeon. Learn more about Daejeon Sky Road here.

While the bridge that separates Jungang Market and Daejeon Sky Road is called Eunhaenggyo (Bridge). During Christmas and New Year season, there are light decorations on the bridge and under it where you can take wonderful photos with friends and loved ones. It is specially beautiful there when it snows! Learn more about it here.

How to get there


783, Daejeon-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon

  1. Take Daejeon subway and get off at Daejeon Station, Exit 1.
  2. Walk for about 5 minutes (280 meters) and go to the other side of the road.

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