Jjingo Jjingo: Everything Squid in Seoul!

If you have not heard about Sangbong, then it’s about time you have. Sangbong is one of the busiest places in Jungrang-Gu, Seoul, where locals go to hang out and enjoy a cold one or two. Jjingo Jjingo, in particular, is one of the more popular restaurants where locals enjoy a variety of squid dishes.

Jjingo Jjingo

Being a restaurant and pub that specializes in squid, Jjingo Jjingo has dishes ranging from fried squid to squid sashimi(회). My husband had been there once before with his brother, and they kept pushing for me to give it a try as well. I personally do not like squid. It’s a bit too rubbery for my liking. However, they were insistent about going, so I went along with them in the end. I was not disappointed.

We made our way there at about 6 pm and when we arrived it was a full house. There were about 2 groups ahead of us waiting for their turn. We had to wait about an hour before we could get a table. That was how popular the place was. Even I was stunned by the number of people there in that cozy space. I had asked my brother-in-law about the place and why it was so popular. For one, the food was delicious and two, Jjingo Jjingo received fresh squid every day. Once the squid ran out, that was when they would stop serving some of their specialties. That was why it was bustling with customers even in the early evening.

Our Order

When we finally sat down, we ordered one of their squid fried in squid ink batter, squid sundae, and the squid sashimi set. As well as some bottles of beer to go along with the dishes.

The first dish that arrived was the squid fried in squid ink batter. I do love squid ink, but I was a little apprehensive about the squid. Luckily, the batter was crunchy and flavorful, while the squid was soft and easy to chew. I was quite surprised by it as I had expected it to be rubbery. It was cooked to perfection and served with a side of tartar sauce. We finished it within minutes and had to order one more because it was that good.

Next up, was the beautifully plated squid sundae. They had stuffed fragrant and delicious fried rice into the perfectly cooked sliced squid and pan-fried it. Again, the squid was soft and chewable. The fried rice was well seasoned and just how my taste buds liked it. We gobbled that dish as fast as the first one and finally, our main dish had arrived.

The squid, again, went way past my expectations. It was not rubbery or difficult to chew on like the ones I had tried before. This one literally melted in my mouth the moment I took a bite. The dish came with three different sauces; soy sauce, salted sesame oil, and cho-gochujang. The best one that complemented the squid was the cho-gochujang, in my opinion. It was by far the best dish of the evening.

Final Thoughts?

After enjoying our dinner, we made our way out of the restaurant and I noticed that they only had 5 squids left in the tank. So, if you want to visit Jjingo Jjingo one of these days, then I suggest you come early to enjoy their specialties and take your time enjoying them!

Jjingo Jjingo (찡어찡어)

Address:  91-65 Myeonmok-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
Korean Address: 서울 중랑구 면목로 454
Opening Hours: 05:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Closed: Mondays

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