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Jinju – Home to the Spectacular Lantern Festival

Jinju is one of the hidden gems in South Korea located around 300km away from Seoul, blessed with breathtaking views and sceneries. You can witness numerous captivating sceneries that can make you feel at ease throughout your journey to Jinju from Seoul. However, Jinju is not only famous for its blessed nature but also for its lantern festival which is known as the Jinju Lantern Festival.


Jinju lantern festival is held yearly in the month of October. It is also known as Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival among locals. You can witness spectacular light displays with lantern workshops and exhibitions during this lantern festival. This festival is organized to commemorate those that lost their lives during the Jinjuseong Battle of 1592. During the Japanese Invasion period, the people of Jinju used lanterns to communicate with those outside the Jinjuseong Fortress. This tradition is continued even after the battle for a long time. Today, it has transformed into a memorable lantern festival that is both beautifully entertaining and honorable in its significance.

Attractions at the Lantern Festival

During this event, you can see many lanterns made by people, sitting prettily on the long stretch of the river.

Also, you can walk along the river once the sun goes down to enjoy the breath-taking view of the lighted up lanterns and the light displays. Not only that, you can even make a wish and send it off in your own lantern down the river.

Moreover, you can find the “Tunnel of Wish Lanterns” on the riverbank with over 30,000 red lanterns lighting up the street. These lanterns bear wishes from local citizens makes the fiery tunnel much more meaningful as you walk through the alluring lights.

Also, you can witness a lot of light displays located along the Namgang river. You can get a picture of the Korean tradition and the situation in Korea during the early 90s through the light displays.

Not only that, along the Namgang river, you can find the tunnel of lights where you can take Instagram worthy pictures.

Furthermore, you can get a great view of the lantern festival from the tunnel of lights.

The city of Jinju is a lovely one at that, so try to visit Jinju if you have the chance. To make your trip more memorable, try to visit Jinju in October to witness the beauty of the lanterns and the lights.


Address: 626 Namgang-ro Bonseong-dong Jinju-si Gyeongsangnam-do

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