Jimmy Choo Cafe in Seoul

The Jimmy Choo Cafe in Apgujeong is currently one of the hottest cafes in Seoul. The signature pink cafe is making the rounds on Instagram, however, it is only available by reservation, and quite difficult to get a spot. And so, this is your guide on how to make a reservation at the Jimmy Choo Cafe in Seoul

Jimmy Choo Cafe in Seoul

The Jimmy Choo Cafe in Seoul is located in its most affluent neighborhood – Apgujeong’s Cheongdam Street. Among the other luxury brands, Jimmy Choo’s building stands out with its signature bright pink exterior. However, the bright pink isn’t just on the outside, the entire cafe and store is plastered in the color. This unique coloring makes it perfect for captivating photos.

All of their menu items have an aesthetically pleasing pink and gold color scheme. Additionally, there is a section of the cafe with some of their exclusive bags on display. There, all of the guests were more than welcome to pose with the bags however they pleased. As someone who once studied commerce, I couldn’t help but appreciate the brilliance of this cafe as a marketing tool.

Food & Drinks

Although I came to the cafe to have a fun time taking photos with my friend, I do care a lot about food and flavor. In this aspect, the Jimmy Choo Cafe in Seoul was a mixed bag. At the cafe, I had the chance to try the JC Fraisier, the Passionfruit Chocolate Choux, the JC Cafe Latte, and the Affogato. I don’t think I would have the fraisier or latte again. However, the affogato was pretty good and the passionfruit chocolate choux was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. 

Photo Tips

As we were taking photos with our food, we realized that we could manipulate the lighting with the menu. The menu was a very reflective, metallic gold material. It helped us correct the lighting a bit as our table was in a darker corner of the cafe.

Additionally, photos taken over by the bags from a low angle came out really well. They turned out to be some of the best pictures I have of myself. I also recommend wearing black or white when visiting the cafe. It is tempting to wear pink, but it’s a really difficult shade of pink to match in real life.

Reserve a Table

Reservations for the Jimmy Choo Cafe in Seoul can be made on the app Catchtable (캐치테이블) or by phone (02-542-6140). 

First, I tried to make a reservation by phone. However, reservations were filled for several months. So, instead, I took a look on Catchtable. On Catchtable, I was able to add myself to a waiting list for several different dates. When a table became available for the dates I selected, I received a Kakao message. The message redirected me to the app where I could grab the open table.

However, waiting list reservations were first come, first serve. And so, I probably received about 20 of these messages before I was finally able to catch the notification in time to get a seat. While it was a bit of a frustrating process, going through it made me really excited when I finally got the chance to visit the cafe.

Jimmy Choo Cafe (지미추코리아)

Address: 459 Apgujeong-Ro, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
Korean address: 서울 강남구 압구정로 459
Operating Hours: 12:00 PM - 08:00 PM
*Must Have Reservation

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