Jeonju Hanok Village


Jeonju city is located in North Jeolla province of South Korea. This city has a rich history that, now a day, makes the modern and the past harmony. If you want to feel Korea’s spirit from the past to the present you should go to Jeonju. With WowKorea, I will suggest some places that are hidden charm of Jeonju. Some may be famous to you but I guess some may be not but it’s worth to go to visit.

Jeonju Hanok Village

Talking about Jeonju, we can’t help but mention Jeonju hanok village, the most famous tourist destination in Jeonju, that attracts not only Korean people but also foreign tourist come to visit and experience. Coming here, beside of having the whole view how a village in Korea looked like during Joseon dynasty, you will have so many interesting experiences such as: wearing korea traditional dress called Hanbok, playing traditional games, participating in tea ceremony, …

Visiting Jeonju hanok village, beside big main streets, you shouldn’t miss its small streets where you will discover hidden charms.

Seunggwangjae, the Last Royal Residence

Do you want to attend a tea ceremony in this traditional village? I highly recommend you pass by 황손의집 승광재.

This is the house where the last Prince of Joseon dynasty is living. I had honor to meet the last Prince and you may also have a chance to meet him here and take part in his tea ceremony for guests.

Jeolla Gamyoung

Jeolla Gamyoung is the provincial government complex that oversaw the administrative, judiciary, and military affairs of the Southwestern region for more than five centuries. The original is so much bigger but Jeonju has restored its seven key buildings and opens in last October so Gamyoung is a very new attraction in Jeonju and it looks really nice at late evening and at night.

We had a night tour around Gamyoung after dinner, at 7PM. Here, we will see the building are still so new but each building has its own interesting point. You will be attached by a short video about the Governor’s daily business in the past at the first building.

You can imagine how was life of Governor at Gamyoung through his quarter.

You will also meet the 150 years old tree at the back yard.

You will see Seonjeongbi, a monument established to honor the virtues of the officials who made the good affairs.

You will like the Gwanpunggak where you can have a whole view of Gamyoung.

Hanok café Haengwon

Another hidden charm of Jeonju is Hanok café Haengwon. Located near Pungnammun Gate (next to Hanok village), Hanok Café Haengwon is a special tea house that not only because it’s a tea house in a traditional house but also because its traditional music concert every Saturday and you will have a chance to enjoy korean music performed by great artists.

At first, the owner will introduce you about some of korean traditional instruments and also some information about korea traditional music. After that you will be immersed in beautiful melody.

After enjoy korean music, it will be your tea time.

Contact: 063-284-6566 (You should call them first to ask about Korean music concert’s schedule)

Palbok Art Factory

Jeonju hidden charm is also about its charming creation like Palbok Art Factory. This factory used to be a cassette tape factory during the 1980s. Now, this place is redesigned as a cultural attraction after being abandoned for a while. There are so many interesting programs held here, you can check its homepage for more information.

This’s really an art place. There are two exhibition rooms where holds year-long paintures.

All the old tunnels that connect two main buildings are painted creatively.

Pop-up books are always interesting books for not only children but also adults. At block B of the factory, you will discover a pop-up world where save so many amazing pop-up books.


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♬ 흔들리는 꽃들 속에서 네 샴푸향이 느껴진거야 – 장범준

Each corner of the factory is redesigned and becomes so artistic.

One more great thing about this place is that there are two Chionathus (or fringe tree) lines in front of the factory’s gate. On May it blooms and makes a beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I come here when most of flowers have withered.

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