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Jeju Murung Market- Indulgent Tangerine Marmalade Making

The famous Jeju Murung Office & Market is home to a number of tantalizing and thrilling activities. 

If we had to pick one, it would surely be the heartwarming tangerine marmalade making experience. In short, the Island of Jeju is majorly popular with tourists across the board. And for that reason, there’s simply no end to the number of heartfelt activities that take place.

While nature and serene views are definitely a mega attraction, it’s the quieter side of life that has us all in absolute awe. From the wonders of camping to plucking farm-fresh produce, it’s a memorable experience. 

The way locals teach foreigners is beyond amazing and I’m glad I got the opportunity to put my cooking skills to the test. In the same way, winters call for a fresh and heartwarming feast. Therefore, there’s one thing that comes to mind, tangy tangerine marmalade. 

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An upclose look at Jeju Murung Office & Market

The famous Jeju Murung Office & Market is home to bountiful offerings. Since it’s wintertime, you’ll find foreigners eager to learn and explore what the market has to offer.

In case you aren’t aware, picking tangerines from Jeju farms is a bucket list activity for the plenty. Yes, we’re not kidding on this one. That’s how famous the fruit is and we couldn’t help but agree. 

Tangerines are famous durian the winter season. In particular, we’re referring to the months that begin in November and end till March. Besides, that means you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy. Straight from the orchards, the market gets the best of the best. 

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Sweet scents of the fruit fill the air, They’re ripe, juicy, and oh so delicious. Trust us when we say that it was hard to focus on the thoughts of the fruit running through our minds. 

We’d also like to mention that if you ever get the chance, do take a visit to the orchards. Here, you’re guided through a massive garden of oranges. While learning about harvesting is great, the best part is eating. Yes, they let you eat 5 tangerines- how generous of them. 

Also, you’re served bread, tea, and tangerine marmalade too. 

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Fresh tangerines- blissful winter offerings

Winters screams one thing in Jeju. While plenty of you are wondering about the weather, well, we’ve got something better in store. After all, Jeju is a volcanic island and that’s why it’s blessed with plenty of rain showers and cool breeze too. 

In our case, we were lucky enough to make it in time for the chilling winter season. And that means glorious tangerines at your disposal. 

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Certainly, this vitamin C rich fruit is full of zesty freshness. Did we mention the tang that comes alongside it? Yes, wonderful as a spread for toasts and crackers, or great on its own, you’ll instantly fall in love. And if you’re just as excited as us, you can’t help yourself from licking off those fingertips. 

During this season, villagers take part in a number of ordeals. We were lucky enough to witness them harvesting, plucking, and then packaging too. 

Did you know the famous Murung farms are home for agro-business projects too? Yes, it’s here that South Koreans get to taste the greatness of vitality and wholesome goodness. 

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It’s a culinary adventure- tangerine marmalade making 

While comes easy to plenty of people, that isn’t always the case with everyone. However, we were all ready to put on those aprons and put our cooking skills to the test. After all, you get to devour all the rich goodness at the end. And I believe that’s the biggest incentive for all your hard work. 

It’s beautiful how the local experts teach the whole process with so much ease. At the same time, they’re also willing to guide each visitor carefully. And for me, that was just the icing on the cake. Whether you’re a pro or not, it doesn’t matter.

Whoever said cooking is a soulful experience was spot on. And that’s because it was so great to unwind, in absolute peace. With the smell of sweet marmalade filling the air, we certainly wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Therefore, it all starts with chopping the wonderful fruit. Next, we boiled it with water and sugar. In reality, it’s a slow and delicate process but one that’s rewarding in the end. 

Once it was allowed to cool, we transferred it into jars. Neatly packed and looking glorious as ever, we all did a great job for a first-timer. And as you can expect, the best part was dipping it into buttered toast, scones, and cake slices. Oh, what a delightful ordeal!

Jeju Murung Office & Market is home to fresh vibes and glorious produce. Needless to say, it’s one of Jeju Island’s hidden treasures. Also, to be able to take part in soulful cooking with marmalade making is truly an indulgent affair.

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