Jeju Camellia Hill in summer

Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist spots. Indeed there are so many beautiful and amazing places in Jeju everyone wants to visit once in life. If you also plan a trip to Jeju and think where to go, I would like to tell you about Camellia Hill garden.

About the garden

Camellia Hill is the largest camellia arboretum in the East. It has a history of 30 years and demonstrates true Jeju’s nature, preserved with passion and love. You could find over 6,000 camellias of 500 varieties from 80 different countries there. However, Camellia Hill is famous not only for camellias, but it also has 250 kinds of native Jeju plants, and various different flowers, all combined in unique order and balance.

Surprisingly, the arboretum works all year. In all seasons you are able to come and enjoy the pure natural beauty and the romantic atmosphere. Needless to say that every season has its original features and special festivals.

Today I am going to talk about the summer season especially.

Opening hours:

  • Summer: June, July, August 8:30~19:00
  • Spring and Fall: March, April, August and September, October, November 8:30~18:30
  • Winter: December, January, February 8:30~18:00

Entrance fee:

Age  Per person Group
Adult  8000 won 6000 won
Teenager  6000 won 5000 won
Child  5000 won 4000 won

But I would like to recommend you to check the prices in advance on Naver, cause it can be cheaper. For example, I am with discount have entered at 6000 won.

Let’s go!

The garden is huge. That’s why it is better always to take a look in the map while going.

These photos are the first places which we met in the garden. As you can see, from the first steps there are a lot of cute photozones. And a table of different types of camellias planted in the garden also greeted us at the entrance. However, I must emphasize that in summer camellias do not blossom! In case you want to see camellias exactly, you should come in winter! In summer there is a variety of other plants and flowers. Certainly, it is seasonal.

The signboard says. “Slow is okay. Originally, nature is slow.” So, let’s have a slow and relaxing walk around the garden.

Small greenhouse

Wandering around, we now approached to the first greenhouse. It is number 9 on the map.

The pond

Next, on the number 10 we have a small pond with waterlilies. 

Center alley

Then we came to the center of the garden, which is the most attractive. There are some lovely cafes and sentimental phozones.

The atmosphere is so lovely! To be honest, it seemed that only couples are walking here. So Camellia Hill is an ideal place for a romantic time spending.

Glasshouse coffeeshop

At number 16 of the map, you can find second greenhouse. Comparatively, it is larger and the design is more fancy and glamorous. Additionally, it is not only greenhouse, but a coffeeshop as well. Here you could sit with your friends or partner to have a conversation, drinking some delicious coffee or tea, and enjoy the scenery around. Quiet and peaceful. I felt like Alice in Wonderland among all of these marvelous flowers.

Hydrangea Festival

As I mentioned before, Camellia Hill is a real “camellia garden” in winter. But it is not unlucky that we came in summer. Because summer is also a favorite season of photographers and travellers. The reason is the Hydrangea festival!

On the Hydrangea festival you can see various kinds of hydrangeas that have been carefully cultivated throughout the year in greenhouses and walking trails. This festival takes place from June to mid-July (Jeju rainy season), when hydrangeas bloom all over the forest to welcome summer.

You can see Instagram full of the pictures of this beautiful blue flower. If you wondered where it is, yes it is Camellia Hill! However, get ready that it will be not so easy to take a picture in such a blossoming season.

On the opposite side, if not paying attention to all of the tourists coming, you can feel a comforting soul atmosphere and vibes of relaxation.

The waterfall

Finally, we approached the end of the garden, which is this small waterfall.

Having a round walk in Camellia Hill took us around hour and half. 

Tangerine tea

At the final stage, we came to the coffeeshop, which is located at the exact entrance of the garden. I really highly recommend you to try a tangerine tea here. You can have it both iced and hot. As Jeju is famous for its tangerines it is a must-try!

Overall, Camellia Hill arboretum is perfect for taking photos, regardless where you walk, there is a lovely view everywhere.

Actually, on the map you can find 6 places market as a hot photozones. So do not miss the chance to take a memorable photo.

Have a nice time.

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