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Jeju Black Pork and Seafood @ Gwakji Beach

When you happen to be in Gwakji Beach, Jeju Island, try out this beachfront restaurant, Gwakji Restaurant. They serve a range of dishes including black pork and kimchi stew, seafood jjampong and spicy chicken feet. Furthermore, all of these dishes make great accompaniments to Korean alcohol, such as soju or makgeolli.

Gwakji Restaurant

Gwakji Restaurant is located on Gwakji Beach, Aewol-eup in Jeju City. Looking out right over the ocean, you can enter the restaurant even in your sandy flip flops.

The restaurant has a wonderful view of Gwakji Beach. We sat near the window where we could see the ocean. However, I wish the windows were a little bigger, but that is typical of bars.

There were only a few customers when we arrived, probably because it was a weekday and there were not so many beachgoers at that time.

The staff were very friendly to us and even spoke English! Therefore, we could order our food with ease. Additionally, the waiter who took our order explained the menu and his recommendations.

Our Experience

Their flavorsome stir-fried black pork was our favorite. This dish came with vegetables and noodles, plentiful enough to serve 3 people!

Stir-fried Black Pork

Another dish we ordered was the abalone and seafood hot pot. The hot soup was really tasty. Moreover, the seafood was fresh and good quality.

Abalone and Seafood Hot Pot

Our meal was served with Korean purple multigrain rice, cabbage kimchi, cubed radish kimchi, and yellow pickled radish. The classic Korean side dishes.

We were totally satisfied with our meal here. Everything tasted good and certainly worth the price. With the addition of the beach view, everything was perfect. I can imagine coming here on a warm summer’s night or escaping the winter cold with good company, good alcohol and good food. Simple, right?

Gwakji Restaurant Menu

Seafood Jjampong Ramyeon                  9,000 KRW
Noodle Soup with Abalone and Seafood     10,000 KRW
Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup                11,000 KRW
Abalone and Seafood Hot Pot              10,000 KRW

Stir-fried Black Pork                    25,000 KRW
Seafood Jjampong Soup                    27,000 KRW
Black Pork and Kimchi Stew               27,000 KRW
Fish Cake Soup                           27,000 KRW
Steamed Marinated Stingray               29,000 KRW
Spicy Chicken Feet                       20,000 KRW
Stir-fried Chicken Gizzard               20,000 KRW
Seafood and Green Onion Pancake          18,000 KRW
Fried Chicken                            18,000 KRW
Glazed Fried Chicken                     20,000 KRW

Soju                       4,500 KRW
Beer                       4,500 KRW
Cheongha                   6,000 KRW
Ale Beer                   7,000 KRW
Peanut Rice Wine           6,000 KRW
Mandarin Millet Wine       6,000 KRW
Makgeolli (rice wine)      4,000 KRW
Softdrinks                 2,000 KRW

Bowl of Rice               1,500 KRW
Extra Serving of Noodles   2,000 KRW

Location & Directions

Gwakji Restaurant (formerly Gwakji Simya)

Address: 27 Gwakji 3-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Operating Hours: 11:00am - Midnight everyday
Directions: Take bus no. 202, 202-1 or 202-2 to Gwakji Beach stop. Walk for 5 minutes until you reach Gwakji Restaurant. 
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