Jarasum- Garden of Flowers

Jarasum, an island located at Gapyeong, used to be the center of Jazz Festival every year. The jazz festival was cancelled this year due to the unexpected hit of coronavirus. However, that doesn’t affect the beauty of Jarasum on its own. The name of the island is taken after the hill that it faces which resembles a “Jara”, which means soft-shelled turtle in Korean.

How to get to Jarasum

You could take a subway to Gapyeong Station, and take a bus to go to the entrance of Jarasum. You could also walk there as the distance is not so far but it may take up to 20 minutes.

Namdo- the flower garden

The island has four parts known as Dongdo, Seodo, Jungdo, and Namdo. We visited to Jarasum Namdo recently and had a wonderful day there.

Namdo consists of a huge flower garden with varieties of plants planted all over the land. Before entering Namdo, we saw parks, beautiful walking paths, and fields with children playing kites. The scenery was really amazing but what amazed us more was still awaiting inside Namdo. You won’t get lost on your way towards Namdo as there are guide boards pointing the direction along the way saying “Namdo Flower Garden”. You will be walking through a long walkway like a bridge, I believe, where there are river on the two sides of it.

After that you would be arriving at Namdo, the south part of the island. There is a rabbit farm right before you reach the ticket counter of the Flower Garden.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, a mandatory temperature check and QR check-in were required before entering Flower Garden. Then, you can buy a ticket for 5000 won per adult at the entrance. Actually, the entrance can be considered free because they provide you a map and a 5000 won voucher to be used at the vendors, convenience stores and restaurants in Gapyeong.

Flowers and photo zones

There were many checkpoints with different types of plants all over the island. As you would see in the map, there are sunflowers, mini golden flowers, pine trees and many more!

We were there to see sunflowers but, unfortunately, they didn’t bloom at that time. (sob).

However the sceneries formed by other colourful flowers were very satisfying! It was so relaxing walking through the flower gardens. There were also some observatory stage at the middle of flowers. You could look at the flower garden from a bird-eye view, which was breathtakingly amazing!

There were also many photo zones provided along the way.

This is the Australian Garden. It is planted with many Australian plants and decorated in Australian style. The left side of it was the flowers arranged in a pattern resembling the Korean Peninsular! How creative it is!

The pine tree paths are very calming and refreshing, with romantic music playing as background.

Jarasum Island is really worth a visit, either with family, friends or couple. I would definite have my second visit soon after my sunflowers bloom! For more information, please visit their website I attach here!


🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea