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Itaewon One Day Trip

Since the release of “Itaewon Class”- a K-drama telling about the story of the strive of Park Sae-ro-yi and his team towards battling against a food conglomerate right in Itaewon, It has gained so much interest from many local and international visitors. Especially the filming location of the bar-restaurant DanBam has been a must-visit place in Itaewon. Even before Itaewon Class was filmed, Itaewon has been popular for its cosmopolitan nightlife, bars and foreigner-friendly environment.

Here is how we spent our day in Itaewon!

Foreign Mart in Itaewon

Why is Itaewon known as an foreigner-friendly neighborhood? You can tell by looking at the rows of foreign marts selling various types of imported foods from all around the world. These marts are especially convenient for those who are missing the taste back in their countries and Muslims who desire to get Halal foods. We visited one of the Halal Marts and got us many food products that we thought would never be found in South Korea! To get to the foreign marts, get off at Itaewon Station (line number 6) and walk to the main street from exit 3.

Cafe TAPE with space-themed cakes

After that, we headed to a cafe called “Cafe Tape”. They are famous for their space-themed desserts known as “space cake” as the main concept of the cafe. The “Space Cakes” come in three types : Strawberry Cream Cake, Yuzu Cream Cheese, and Chocolate Hazelnut cake. Each was unique in design and delicious. They looked somehow like a smooth mirror and also like a beautiful galaxy.

They also offer a rooftop where you could enjoy the view of Itaewon’s cityscape. Also the rooftop offers some seats which, I believe, only available during spirng and autumn. There are also photo spots where you could shoot some Insta-worthy photos.

Here is their Instagram page link. Do check their hours before visiting!

Amazing Thai with amazing taste

After leaving Cafe Tape, we walked to a Thai restaurant nearby for our dinner. One of the perks of being in Itaewon, you get to choose your menu from food of all kinds. Thai, Vietnam, Mexico, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Malaysia, Chinese foods are all available in this multi-cultured neighborhood! The Thai restaurant we visited was Amazing Thai. They offer almost 50+ kinds of Thai food in their menu. We enjoyed our dinner in Amazing Thai.

The bridge in Itaewon Class

A dessert is a must for us after dinner. We had some ice cream in Godivia, a famous chocolate brand, before going to the bridge which was one of the filming locations of Itaewon Class.

One of the attraction points of this bridge is that you could clearly see the N Seoul Tower from the top of the bridge. And also you could see the beautiful night view of Seoul. Quite a lot of people came to take photos there!

Check out: Noksapyeong Bridge (녹사평육교)

End Notes

This is the end of our Itaewon day trip. It is really a charming place with a mixture of foreign cultures and Korean culture. There are still a lot more treasures waiting for us to explore in Itaewon! Hope you enjoy reading this and do pay a visit to Itaewon if you are in Seoul.

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea